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While roughly three-quarters of companies agree that measuring the impact of social media activity is very important, more than 7 in 10 also agree that measuring the impact of social media marketing is very difficult. Although larger companies (annual revenue more than $150 million) are more likely than smaller companies (revenue of less than $150 million) to measure performance against social media objectives (42% vs. Fear of the latter sends some organizations scrambling to implement policies that ban all use of social media in the workplace. The solution is governance – social media training, policies and resources that support employees by communicating expectations, teaching best practices and informing how social activity contributes to organizational goals.
28%), they are not much more likely to have clear objectives for their social media activity (38% v.
The Eid cards business, for example, is one obvious casualty of the rising role of text messages and e-cards frequently used by family and friends in sending greetings (and condolences) on important social events.Also on the decline is the use of postal services, not only in Pakistan, but in most countries around the world.

YouTube (presently banned in Pakistan), Facebook and search engine optimisation (SEO) have also adversely impacted traditional advertisement businesses and business directories of many types.Apart from the impact on businesses, social media is also playing a significant role in spreading religious and political messages of unlimited variety. As social media is more popular amongst the middle and upper classes of society, religious intolerance and extremism is fast emerging as a middle class phenomenon.
In this context, social media certainly played a role in keeping a degree of political activity visible. Not only did the mainstream political parties run very active online social media groups to approach targeted voters, especially the young and educated, but a very large number of independent contestants in the elections also found it a cost-effective means to run election campaigns.In the absence of regulation and effective control on a national level, one observes all kind of materials being exchanged on social media. From Quranic verses, prayers and Ahadith, one keeps on receiving weird and unauthentic messages on all issues, including religious, political and social aspects of life. Through social media, one individual may find it very easy to disseminate wrong or unauthentic information and rumours without incurring any significant costs.

Frequent news, even if it happens to be wrong, tends to become perceived social reality after some time.One may not have to seek opinion of a social scientist to conclude that Pakistani society has emerged as one of the most religiously extremist societies in the world. Whatever be the reasons for this religious extremism in the past, social media happens to be at the centre of the current wave of religious extremism. If this religious extremism is not controlled, it will go out of hand and is potentially dangerous to the sovereignty of the country.One factor that has in particular been responsible for the emergence of extremism in social media is the role of electronic media in running (supposedly foreign sponsored) campaigns for religious tolerance by way of introducing anchors and presenters who conduct religious programmes without having proper traditional training in Islamic issues.

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