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Integrating social media services in your website design is vital if you want to make it easy for readers to share your content. If you aren’t comfortable editing your WordPress templates, a plugin is probably the best solution. Today, we’ll show you how to manually integrate the three most popular social media services on your website: Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Before integrating Facebook on WordPress Mods4 at the end of September, I looked at a few solutions.
When you click on the “Get Code” button, a box will appear with your plugin code (choose the HTML5 option, because FBML is being deprecated). To put Facebook comments above WordPress comments, add the above code just below the line that reads <!-- You can start editing here. If you plan to completely replace your WordPress comments with Facebook comments, simply replace the call to your comments.php template with the call to your Facebook comments.
Adding social-media sharing and voting buttons is very straightforward and enables readers to share your content on the Web. Many WordPress users continue to use plugins to integrate social-media sharing buttons and activity on their websites.
Some fantastic plugins exist for WordPress to automatically insert social-media voting buttons in your design. Currently working with a client who only wants share buttons showing up for certain post categories. I believe there are a few basic social media plugins that let you add share buttons using short codes. Visual clutter is everywhere on the web and sometimes finding those social media buttons can be a task itself even if you do have them on your blog. I went hunting for some simple, stripped down, but unique (and not so common) social media WordPress plugins to help your blog stand apart.
The social media buttons also don’t appear right away, but fade in as a user scrolls down the page.
You can also place the buttons above or below the posts as with other social media WordPress plugins and you have the ability to put them on pages and other content types. Flare also comes with a Follow widget for your sidebar or any widgetized area that has the same look and feel to the icon set. Juiz Social Post Sharer is a great little social media WordPress plugin, again, with a different set of sharing icons that you’re used to seeing.
With above and below post options, the ability to show only icons (with a cool rollout expansion on mouse over) and to open shares in a new browser window, this plugin has everything you need in a nice looking package. There are 5 social media icon types that come with the plugin, all very simple but their simplicity makes them stand out. While some users are happy with the social media buttons that come built into their design template, the majority of WordPress users install a plugin to automatically embed sharing links on their pages.
If you are comfortable making a few edits to your theme, then consider manually integrating social media so that you have more control over what services appear on your website. First, you’ll learn how to integrate Facebook comments on your WordPress website, to make it easier for readers to discuss your posts. By comparison, integrating Facebook comments directly enables visitors to comment with no fuss. I followed a great tutorial by Joseph Badow5 and tried a few plugins, such as Facebook Comments For WordPress6.

This step is required, whether you add Facebook comments manually using a third-party plugin or with the official Facebook plugin. The “App Namespace” field doesn’t have to be filled in for Facebook comments (it’s used with the Facebook Open Graph Protocol9).
You can see an example of sharing buttons integrated in post excerpts on my own website WordPress Mods35 and on popular blogs such as Mashable36. As we’ve seen, though, integrating social-media services manually is straightforward and, for many users, a better solution than simply installing a plugin and making do with whatever features it offers. If you are unsure of any aspect of this tutorial, please let us know and we’ll do our best to clarify the step or help you with it. His labour of love is WordPress Mods; a blog which focuses on WordPress Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, News, Modifications. They reduce the friction between your reader and their ability to share your content and connect with you on social media sites.
From automatically optimizing your web content to fully integrating social media, WordPress makes the web easy and fun again.
While many solutions purport to reduce spam comments on WordPress, most are either ineffective or frustrate visitors by blocking legitimate comments. Once the widget is the way you want it, simply grab the code and add it to the appropriate WordPress template.
I’d rather have readers sign up so I can communicate with them in the future than read another post and never return.
Most importantly, many WordPress themes feature content optimization plugins that manage everything from XML site maps and permalink cleanup to SEO-friendly post titles and meta descriptions. Finally, we’ll show you how to add sharing buttons for all three social media services to your home page, posts and pages.
Others play Farmville and buy virtual pets on some of these sites, but hey, every man to his own tastes.Point is, social networking sites can give you a huge boost in web traffic. And while some great social media plugins are out there, they don’t integrate with every WordPress design.
All the plugins covered in the following section cost between $0 and $20, so you get to make huge savings this holiday season.MONARCH SOCIAL SHARINGMonarch is the premium social sharing WordPress plugin by Elegant Themes. Included with their developer and lifetime licenses, Monarch is the perfect solution for all of your social sharing needs.
To display your social media profiles, you can use rotating feed lists or a filterable jQuery social networking wall.
This is the plugin to use if you are looking to make your social network streams more interactive. Don’t be fooled by its title though, this plugin supports a number of social networking sites including Facebook (obviously), Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It supports up to twenty-seven of the best social media sites as well as email sharing.Once you install and activate the plugin, you can set your social media icons to pop (up, down, left or right) every time you mouse over them.
You can add social media sharing options to your posts, pages or wherever you like using the Manual Insert Settings Option, a process that is as easy as ABC. Additionally, you can add social sharing icons to your template files using shortcodes or PHP function calls, meaning you can place this plugin wherever you desire.
Other than that, you can use Share+ on dynamic and static web pages without problems since it is client-sided (does not require a server to run).The plugin comes with a visually appealing (or rather beautiful) admin panel and five thrilling themes that will change the social sharing experience for your users. Finally, the plugin supports several social networking sites and gives you the power to track social sharing activity using Google Analytics.

As opposed to leaving Facebook to visit your site, your visitors can browse, comment and share your WordPress site right from inside Facebook. While Woof is a multi-faceted social integration plugin that might seem daunting, you can install it and be on your way to better social exposure with a single click! Too bad you can only use this plugin with Facebook because it would be great to embed your entire website on a few more social networks. It allows you to add social links to your WordPress website easily and style them however you like using CSS3. Haha.That aside, Social Sidebar is compatible with all modern browsers since it is built around HTML5. On top of that, the plugin supports automatic integration and comes with some great features including 100 icons, 4 themes, 2 sides meaning you can place it on the left or right sidebar, 2 styles but you can add more, and 4 label styles: square, rounded, fancy and curved.
The plugin was lastly updated on 21st November, 2013 meaning it’s still fresh and thus safe for your WordPress installation. I just touched on WordPress security because some free plugins are often lined with malicious code, so be very vigilant. Maybe it is the ease of use or the simple process of configuration or even the mere fact that you can set up your social media icons to float, but this social media plugin is among the best in the market.
Social Media Widget enables you to display your social media profiles as icons on the sidebar. On top of that, you can format the update message to create varying versions for your different social networking platforms. The Social Media Feather plugin gives you the power to easily and quickly add social following and sharing buttons to posts, custom post types and pages. In addition, social media feather supports Retina displays, which means it works with all modern devices. You can choose different themes to display your social media icons and take advantage of the available customization options to add your widget to various parts of your website e.g.
TFG Social Share is easy to configure and you can use shortcode [tfg_social_share] to display the social sharing icons anywhere on your site. It’s a great sharing plugin, but you might need a second social media plugin that allows users to access the other social networks that TFG Social Share does not support. It is very amazing post for me because I have never found any post reviewing all necessary plugins for WordPress which includes price information.
This can be done by either a media query or by adding a mobile class to your body tag (better – see the body_class filter for this). I recently developed the following “most shared plugin” that imports the articles you have authored, and display the best ones, even if they have been published outside your blog (Most Shared Articles For WordPress). My favorite social media plugin is SocialPop a social media plugin for WordPress because it has a variety of beautiful display options and this plugin takes the social sharing game to the next level. The WordPress slider would look awesome on my site Mitali Chowdhury says: reply to this message Great collection of social sharing options.
In general though having the social on the page instead of popping-up can actually convert a lot better so I wouldn’t recommend the popup. Again, thank you for passing by Author Wisanggeni Odon Saputra says: reply to this message This is thorough review on social plugins.

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