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Including Social Media Sharing buttons on your website’s pages and blog articles gives your visitors and readers an easy way to share your content via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media channels of your choice. If you are interested in adding Social Media buttons to your existing (non-inlineVision) site, please contact us so we can ensure your site meets the requirements. In this tutorial you will learn how to create some awesome 3D social media buttons with CSS3 help. If you have not installed any kind of social media sharing buttons on your site, you will miss out on a significant opportunity to organically increase traffic to your site.

If you want to encourage people to share and like your content, it is essential to place the buttons in a consistent manner throughout your site and above the fold. This could be in the sidebar or as an unobtrusive social bar at the top or side of your articles making it a natural part of your site layout.How many buttons to include depends on which social media platforms you are using as part of your marketing strategy. Making it easy for visitors to bookmark your content for later digestion should not be underestimated and adding a ‘follow us’ button on every page will also make it easier to get new followers potentially strengthening your brand recognition.
Keeping the number of buttons low also ensures a clutter free and easy navigation.Whether you want to replace your existing buttons or are just setting up your social media icons for the first time on your website, this collection of 40+ buttons is an excellent place to get inspiration.

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