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UK university social media strategy is at the core of our work while working with clients in the education sector, so we thought it would be interesting to learn whether UK University social media output impacted their ability to pull potential students and share some ideas on how a university can increase their social media presence. 57% of the students asked would make their choice based on how excited they were about the UK University Social Media channel output. All students found that engaging video content about existing students, who were enjoying their university course and life, had a draw to that university.
Open a separate Twitter account for potential students, such as “Coming to X University” or “Uni Newcomers”. Going to university and leaving home for the first time is a daunting experience, allow for this space to be the place where they come to ask questions and queries about life at the university.
Now you have some of the top tips to a successful social media strategy for UK universities.

Social MediaNorthwest Missouri State University embraces social media and connecting with our stakeholders through these channels. To better help departments and organizations manage these tools, the University offers a social media profile tips page, and social media procedures to guide users. To be considered an officially recognized Northwest social media presence, please fill out the social media profile request form.
Social media offers ways to rapidly communicate ideas and research to peers and broader audiences.
This event is co-sponsored by Duke University Libraries, the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, the Forum for Scholars and Publics, HASTAC, and the Thompson Writing Program, as part of the Libraries’ Managing Your Research workshop series. We surveyed a number of potential students, their thoughts on a range of UK University Social Media channels.

Those universities who had clear processes on their Social Media channels were clicked on by 98% of students assessing their page. The University encourages departments and organizations to use these tools to have conversations with prospective students, current students, families, staff, alumni and other groups. Discussion will be framed and moderated by Duke University Libraries Coordinator of Scholarly Communication Technology, Paolo Mangiafico.

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