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Ball players are asked to think about the potential impacts of what they post on social media. Seattle Mariners who connect with their fans electronically are taught what material could get them in trouble. I decided to poke around a little bit to see how important social media skills are in the job world right now. These job descriptions make clear that social media is important, but that it doesn't necessarily stand alone as a career. Writing for Social MediaLearn to write for people who are just scanning headlines and images.
LevelUp is a new partnership between Seattle Weekly and Connect2Classes that helps smart, curious Seattleites find courses at more than 90 continuing education institutions in the city. Seattle Chinatown International District PDA is looking for ways to help local merchants thrive.

The SCIDpda has also learned that it is important to introduce social media in a way that is not overwhelming. Players learn "how to use social media to engage with their fans and establish their brands as professional athletes," Hale said.
He's worked as a reporter in the greater Seattle area since graduating from Western Washington University in 2010. But communications has long been a career choice especially in business, non-profits, and politics, and now social media is very big part of any communications job. Having many social media accounts and using them frequently will not qualify you for one of these positions. With LevelUp, Seattle Weekly readers will have access to the best classes in the city, from cooking to self-defense to programming through an online marketplace where you can search, sign-up, and start your next adventure. Win the battle with strategic and practical ways to use various social media sites effectively.

I have a friend who has made a successful career out of consulting with companies on their social media strategy, so for her, yes, absolutely it is a career. On LinkedIn, over 14 million people and companies list social media somewhere in their profile. Social media jobs require skills in strategy, content creation, writing, design and marketing.
The SCIDpda developed workshops with One Media Venture, a Seattle based-media and production company, on the basics of why social media is important and how neighborhood businesses can start using different social media platforms to improve economic growth and development. Fortunately there are classes that offer training for those interested in social media careers.

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