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As a blogger, you have to wear several different hats, from creating good quality blog post to trying to spread the word for your blog and connecting with others.
Not only do these increase the efficiency of your social media efforts, using a combination of the best tools often results in higher returns from social media. From my own personal experience, here are the top 9 social media tools every blogger needs to know about. NutshellMail delivers your social media activities from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and LinkedIn right to your email inbox. Give yourself the best chance for your followers to view your tweet and spread the word about your blog posts by scheduling it at optimal times. While I use most of them being a blogger and freelance writer, I’ve still not got down to using Dropbox because of the large space it occupies because I did download it once. NutshellMail and SocialMention were new to me, so thanks for sharing more about these tools. I am currently looking for a great tool to use on Twitter and engage more on that social media site. Siv, this was a good education for me on several tools I had not heard of such as Nutshell Mail and Clipboard. It really goes to show you how fast paced the social media world is with dozens and dozens of new tools and apps entering and disappearing from the market daily. Gravatar is a must have for bloggers these days but on my blog, I have enabled a plugin that allows me to upload avatar of bloggers without a Gravatar account. As for file synchronization and backup, I prefer Google Drive over Dropbox simply because of the cheaper storage and its integration with other Google services.
I know addictomatic for few years now and every time when I wanted to know new major blogs info I use it with great pleasure. I found this post really helpful because I am always looking for new ways to increase my social media efficiency. One thing I often tell my business of writing blog readers is that the best social media to incorporate into your marketing, is the social media you will use! Awesome list of tools, I just checked our addictomatic and timely, both looks really awesome.

But looking at the list, it feels like by using these tools, we can get every happening across the world to our doorsteps.
Kikolani covers blog marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers to succeed in search and social media marketing.
Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate, share and interact and this has provided the platforms and the marketing networks for bloggers to achieve global reach and influence.
Blogger outreach is an initiative in which the blog owners try to reach out to the bloggers of the same niche and have them to market and promote your blog or business to their audience in an educational format.
As influential bloggers have a trusted, loyal and large audience, gaining access to them can be a powerful form of marketing. Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind while attempting to reach out to the bloggers. Any initiative should start with research and it is important for you to understand the bloggers of influence operating in your own niche.
Your blogger outreach initiative is going to fail if you are just looking out for easy marketing and aren’t really interested in building a long lasting bond with them.
Media fragmentation has resulted in millions of micro-influencers having conversations about products and services across the social web. It helps in developing authentic relationships with word-of-mouth influencers across the social web.
Tools alone cannot guarantee a successful campaign, you need to have your outlook right as well. Blog itself is a social media tool, but there're some more social media tools which helps you to reach large number of audiences! It will gather related content from a range of sources for you to view from your customized page.
It is important as a blogger to use the same photo across different websites and social networks to help users identify your personal brand. Now you can fast track your social media, while building engaged Twitter and Facebook communities for your brand without the high price tag. Because I like to leverage my time and not be at the office too much, I particularly like dropbox, although Harleena is right, it does take up quite a bit of space.

Social media can become overwhelming and time-consuming, due to the sheer volume of options! So if you find tools to increase the likelihood that you will use a particular network or tool, then all the better. You reach out to a blogger that has online influence amongst other businesses in their niche.
Follow the blog, comment on wherever you deem appropriate, be transparent that you are looking for a review and do not be pushy. With the right approach and these tools, you should be able to gain from a blogger outreach campaign. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I completely agree that nurturing a relationship with a blogger and genuinely contributing to their posts with comments and shares is imperative to do before starting any kind of outreach. Thankyou for giving us relevant information about social media and how we can utilize this to attract people to our blogs or websites. I use Buffer too, it’s alright but seems to consume a lot of resources because it slows my Firefox browser down considerably. It allows me to look at various search engines and social media and brings it out to you in one interface. While all attempts to provide accurate and valuable information are always made, the owners and authors of this site are not responsible for the content provided here or linked to on external websites. This will let you know quickly the importance of the blogger as SEO metrics provide a snapshot of influence.
We just rolled ours out, and these semantic and cognitive tools are getting easier to get your hands on in general. Being able to access my documents anywhere through the online, desktop and mobile syncing is incredibly convenient for me.

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