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Social is the best way to get data in real-time and to hear what your customers are saying so that you can remain nimble and relevant.
Social is the twin sister of mobile when it comes to finding new markets, creating customer loyalty, and creating a seamless customer experience. Connect with your peers offline and have the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your professional experiences, all the while enjoying the southern hospitality of the great city of Atlanta.
And please feel free to leave a comment about topics or panel ideas that you think are important to social and digital practitioners that we should discuss at this year’s Shake-Up.

Social Media Today’s research, conducted in the spring of 2013, gathered insights from 20+ industries and 52 countries on the impact social platform adoption is having on enterprise’s operations and customer-facing initiatives.
The study found increased marketing and IT consideration and planning around social media in enterprise organizations. Larger organizations (those with 50,000+ employees) are much further along the path to becoming socially enabled enterprises. As published to The HuffingtonPost Twitter is one of the largest and most recognized social media companies in the world.

Respondents were screened to ensure that they held a role in either marketing or IT, were engaged by an organization employing 100 employees or more, and worked for an organization which currently uses social platforms.

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