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With Google’s release of its latest algorithm Penguin, increased weight has been given to natural link building and Social performance.
As the number of Social Media platforms grows, companies are often confused and unsure of the correct way to market using these channels. Social media marketing revolves around the concept of getting viewers’ attention, engaging them and leveraging their unique networks through shares and likes.
LinkedIn is a great social media platform for connecting with potential clients, as well as for nurturing existing business relationships.
With social media constantly evolving this blog is intended to give you a better idea on how to properly utilize your social media platforms for 2015.
Create a Branded Look on All Social Media Channels: From your profile photo and cover photo to your Twitter background – every element of your social media profile should have reflect your brand. Link to Other Social Media Profiles: One of the simplest ways to promote your brand on social media is to engage in a cross promotional strategy between your social media accounts. Fill in the Blanks: Every social media profile has several areas in which you can fill in content information, an “About Me” section and various other info boxes in which you have the chance to put important business contacts and information. Know How to Boost: Social media sites such as Facebook are a great place to spread the word about your business – but you need to make sure people are seeing your posts. Get Visual: Perhaps the most important piece of the social media optimization puzzle is creating content that will compel viewers to stop scrolling through their newsfeed and pay attention. To get the best social media results, it’s a smart move to make an investment in the best social media marketing company. With this drastic change, companies can no longer ignore Social Media Marketing and must now consider it a top priority and an integral part of their online presence.

With regards to social media marketing, blog posts can help a company populate it’s social media accounts with valuable content.
However, without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, as well as the specific language, it can be very difficult to make use of social media opportunities. Boosts are an inexpensive way to promote your content on social media, through advertising or promoted posts.
Noxster is an LA SEO company and social media optimization company with a proven record of delivering top search social media results.
To truly maximize social media marketing, you should encourage users to share your content on their social network profiles and make it easy for them to do so.
However, many companies wait until it is too late to realize that they are missing out on the true value of social media marketing, while their competitors are taking advantage of this opportunity to engage and capture new clients.
Here are some tips on how to develop an effective strategy: Google yourself to find what is available about you online. They are all huge companies in different industries and they have all embraced social media within their realms. Consider your social media as an extension of your business – and that includes visual branding. A skilled social media optimization and SEO company can help you add links and ensure you aren’t missing any chances to promote your business. With social media boosts, a little goes a long way – and a social media manager can help your business create a budget, as well as compelling content that will attract new customers to your social media pages and your business. The average social media user only spends two seconds skimming a posts before deciding to engage, but studies prove that an eye-catching visual causes viewers to pause and take in the message.

Noxster combines expert search engine optimization tools with a keen understanding of how people interact and engage with social media.
In our experience, infographics are among the most shared content types, making them an extremely valuable part of social media marketing.
If you are unable to dedicate internal resources to implementing a social media strategy, consider contacting a local Social Media expert for help and start growing your business today! Social Media Optimization tips for 2015.Search engine optimization and social media are both an integral part of any online marketing strategy. Visual social media graphics are also highly shareable, with the power to gain viral traction.
Noxster helps your business or organization create a dynamic social media strategy that translates into increased business visibility and new customers or client leads. The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to develop a robust social media optimization strategy.
This process is both an art and a science – and working with a skilled search engine optimization company will help your business grow its social media presence, as well as improve in search engine rankings.

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