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Yet, most small businesses have no idea how to use Facebook effectively and waver about if it will work for them or they continue to dabble seeing little or no results.
To demonstrate that you provide excellent care and service, which will make them want to do business with you. Now I will share with you the 8 Crucial Tips…This is What Your Business Needs to Do In Order to Get Your Fans Talking & Buying! I hope you found this helpful and can start implementing this into your business right away.
Get my latest articles delivered to your email boxEach week I reveal key ingredients that will make your small business soar on social media and more. A well-structured social media campaign can not only enhance sales globally, and motivate customers to participate online, but can also heighten local in-person store visits.
Social media marketing can spark sales both on days like Small Business Saturday, an American shopping holiday held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
As Phaedra Hise points out, Katie Katz and her artist husband create and sell fine art glass at their Philadelphia store, and although they sell to customers worldwide via their website, and their social media reach is global, Katz says their business is now growing from local customers looking for area businesses to support. It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to attract customers on social media is to not sell them stuff.

Your product or service may be terrific, but customers who shop at small businesses also enjoy having a story to share about the experience.
And remember, Socialdraft is a great social media marketing tool that helps you post to major social networks and saves time.
Your CUSTOM Social Media DashboardSocialdraft is the Simple to use Social Media Calendar for Brands. These days, image is everything, and the proper use of Facebook and Twitter is more important than ever for entrepreneurs.
Learn the key principles of direct response marketing that you need to follow on all social media platforms.
Derek Halpern went from running a celebrity gossip site to becoming a famous name among marketers with Social Triggers. If you're looking to avoid mistakes on social media, take some time to learn where others have gone wrong.
Get the most bang for only a few bucks using these free (or inexpensive) platforms for content marketing.
Building a profitable online business is an art but, increasingly, there is some science that helps you figure it out.

Katz says that her content is primarily about running a small business and being a glass artist.
For Katz, the increasingly typical customer is someone from the local area who finds Bernard Katz Glass through an online search, and then visits the shop to purchase an item and meet the artist.
Say for instance she wants to share the story of a customer who purchased a vase for a wedding gift. For example, she posts stories and photographs about working with customers and helping them find a special piece. Don’t be afraid to have a personality online and keep giving your customers something to come back for. Try it again, redefining your audience or the amount of your investment.Social media is a marketing tool like many others small business owners can use.

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