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I was recently interviewed by Julie Beck at The Atlantic for an article on narcissistic online behavior. As a college professor I have close and frequent contact with the generation that has come to be called the Millennials or Gen Y.
Research on the link between narcissism and social media usage has been on the rise in recent years, but the results may be disappointing to those looking to blame social media for the apparent rise in entitlement and selfishness.
Also important in this is an understanding that not all social networking sites are created equal. Results from our most recent study demonstrate that although Twitter is the preferred outlet for Gen Y narcissists, the old school narcissists (Gen X and Baby Boomers) seem to gravitate towards Facebook.
Facebook is a mirror and Twitter is a megaphone, according to a new University of Michigan study exploring how social media reflect and amplify the culture’s growing levels of narcissism. The study, published online in Computers in Human Behavior, was conducted by U-M researchers Elliot Panek, Yioryos Nardis and Sara Konrath.
For narcissistic college students, the social media tool of choice is the megaphone of Twitter.

The researchers examined whether narcissism was related to the amount of daily Facebook and Twitter posting and to the amount of time spent on each social media site, including reading the posts and comments of others. According to Panek, the study shows that narcissistic college students and their adult counterparts use social media in different ways to boost their egos and control others’ perceptions of them. The researchers were unable to determine whether narcissism leads to increased use of social media, or whether social media use promotes narcissism, or whether some other factors explain the relationship. There is so much popular press coverage on this topic and Julie did a good job of representing the research well.
Although findings are not entirely consistent across studies, the general trends suggest that the behavior of narcissists on social networking sites is not that different from non-narcissists. Facebook, the yard stick by which all other social media sites are judged, is best described as a profile site. Gen Y may be more narcissistic than previous generations, but if that is the case you can’t just blame social media. But the study is among the first to compare the relationship between narcissism and different kinds of social media in different age groups.

Even so I thought I might take a minute to separate some of the fact from fiction with respect to Gen Y, social media, and the role of narcissism. That is you build a profile of yourself and the site can then be used to do a wide variety of activities (e.g.
However, for Xers and Boomers, always a step behind the technology curve, Facebook requires more intentional use perhaps driven by narcissistic motives. Participants answered questions about the extent of their social media use, and also took a personality assessment measuring different aspects of narcissism, including exhibitionism, exploitativeness, superiority, authority and self-sufficiency. Her claims are not without opposition as some academicians are quick to question her research methodology and the conclusions that she draws. In either case it seems the link between narcissism and Facebook is stronger for the older population than for Gen Y.

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