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The Department of Information Science and Media Studies is the result of a merger between the two former entities – The Department of Information Science and The Department of Media Studies. Katz coauthored the study with Sebastian Valenzuela and Daniel Halpern, professors from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s School of Communications.
Noting that further studies were needed using individual level data, the researchers next examined data from 1,160 married people collected in a 2011 University of Texas at Austin study that had polled married 18- to 39-year-olds on questions designed to measure the quality of their romantic relationship.
On this individual level, non–social network users reported being 11.4 percent happier with their marriage than heavy social media users.
The study is indicative of the type of work being done at the Center for Mobile Communication Studies, Katz says, adding that the center hopes to continue studying various types of human communication. In the future, Katz says, the center will host events, launch courses, and continue research that will bring together faculty from departments within COM (such as journalism, film, and advertising) and from sociology, anthropology, psychology, international relations, and computer science, and from the School of Law, to name a few.
Social Media Studies (SMS) is a multidisciplinary university-wide Research Programme at the University of Boras. Research at SMS builds on empirical investigations and is often performed in interaction with the business community, civil society and government authorities. Check out our Social Dashboard to see other ways to stay connected across the USM community.

Lenny Shedletsky, Professor of Communication, recently presented research and led a discussion at Pace University in New York City. Dennis Gilbert, Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, was awarded the Faculty Award for Community Engagement at the first ever President's Metropolitan University Leadership Awards ceremony. Two Communication and Media Studies students have applied and received funding for their research with faculty under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Students in Communication may begin working towards a Masters in Leadership Studies while still an undergraduate.
The Cinema Studies minor offers students a multidimensional understanding of film as form of art, product of industry, and mode of communication. The Communication and Media Studies preliminary list of courses for Spring 2016 is available. The two disciplines joined forces in 2004 against a technological backdrop where convergence within various media and communication forms called for increasingly interdisciplinary research. Katz, the Feld Family Professor of Emerging Media Studies at the College of Communication and director of the school’s Division of Emerging Media Studies, and two other researchers found a correlation between using social network sites (like Facebook), spousal troubles, and the divorce rate. And heavy social media users were 32 percent more likely to think about leaving their spouse, compared with 16 percent for a nonuser.

The center, which Katz started in 2004 at Rutgers University, relaunched this past April at BU under his leadership, with the mission of helping the world understand the social, psychological, and organizational consequences of mobile communication.
Issues of interest include how users through interaction with social media transform production, consumption, seeking, sharing and use of information. Media Studies junior Colin Cundy will work with Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies Matthew Killmeier.
Titled Social network sites, marriage well-being, and divorce: Survey and state-level evidence from the United States, the study was recently published online in Computers in Human Behavior. In this way, individuals may turn to Facebook more frequently for social support, the study says. The authors say their findings show that heavy use of social networks—specifically Facebook—is “a positive, significant predictor of divorce rate and spousal troubles” in the United States. Some Leadership Studies courses may count towards your Communication degree, check with your faculty advisor on this option.

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