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A few strategic considerations can help drive a more effective approach and create greater impact overall. More and more, financial services sales teams are improving their engagements with customers and finding new ways to increase revenue by analyzing market intelligence data captured through social-media use.This means that sales and marketing teams in the financial services industry are also looking for social Web solutions that can help them launch campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Although the adoption of social media among wealth management firms is at early stages, financial services firms have recognised its relevance as a customer interaction channel. Celent is a research and advisory firm dedicated to helping financial institutions formulate comprehensive business and technology strategies. Social media is a major influence among Thais with Facebook users in Bangkok outnumbering any other city in the world. ICICI Bank launched its Facebook application that allows customers to see their bank statements on the social media platform. Andrew Haldane believes that P2P (peer-to-peer) lenders can replace conventional banks as they offer higher returns for savers and lower cost for borrowers.
Since some consumers will still need brokers to help them shop, brokers should not ignore social media to attract consumers. St George Bank launched a new application feature, Money Meter, allowing users to check their balance several times on their iPhones without logging in to the mobile banking service. On the use of Big Data, all three companies are in sync with their goals – personalized services for customer satisfaction.
Currently, Christophe is 'Social Media Senior Managing Consultant' at IBM Interactive Experience.
Reporting to the Assistant Vice President, Sun Life Canada Web, the Director will oversee Sun Life’s global social media strategy and internal social business program.

If Sun Life neither is the first financial institution to create a Director of Social Media role, nor the first one to recruit its new champion via linkedin, it is always pleasing to see more and more financial brands committing resources to social media.
If someone with 30,000 followers posts about your financial services company, all 30,000 followers see it. Investing in client communication tools has become a priority, and social media is a channel they can no longer ignore. Celent publishes reports identifying trends and best practices in financial services technology and conducts consulting engagements for financial institutions looking to use technology to enhance existing business processes or launch new business strategies. The bank realizes the important of social media to interact with customers and manage their reputation. On the other hand, Merril Lynch’s CEO believes that Big Data is a great opportunity to search for information in the right sources and find unexpected behaviours to challenge norms, test and debunk hypothesis, and analyse strategic direction. The incumbent will be accountable for the organization’s overall social profile and will identify new and innovative opportunities for leveraging social media to drive business results. In this context, making the right social media technology choices has become paramount.The crisis of 2008 and the economic recession following it affected the perception investors have about wealth managers and financial services providers, leading to lower levels of trust. With a team of internationally based analysts, Celent is uniquely positioned to offer strategic advice and market insights on a global basis. Chief Financial Officer, NS Kannan, states that the bank’s objective is to provide customers with a way to engage with the bank at their convenience. According to Anthony Day of commercial Insurance, Suncorp, this is a great opportunity for brokers to provide consumers with cost-effective insurance cover. Thus, financial institutions should reconsider their fund allocation and recognize the value that this strategy delivers.

The Director will also advance Sun Life’s use of social media technologies and services internally in the service of innovation and collaboration. Therefore firms have to be more proactive and dynamic with their customer interactions, with social media being one of the key new age media channels.In a new report, Social Media in Wealth Management, Celent explores the rate of adoption of various types of social media in financial services, with a focus on the key issues and roadblocks, including compliance concerns and regulatory constraints. The Director will be tasked with making Sun Life an industry leader in the use of social media. Social media gives you the absolute ability to engage with people you would never have the ability to engage with otherwise. Celent explores how firms are using social media to reach out to their customers: for marketing, support, or loyalty among retail brokers, wealth managers, and financial planners. We would not expect to have a sales team function without phones or email, and social media should be thought of in the same way. The report analyzes the technology offerings in the market that enable financial services firms to efficiently execute their social media strategy while complying with regulatory requirements and internal monitoring and compliance policies.“The use of social media among wealth managers provides an opportunity to increase client communication, add touchpoints, and increase client stickiness.
Furthermore, social media tools give wealth managers new modes for prospecting and measuring influence,” says Isabella Fonseca, Research Director at Celent and coauthor of the report.
But we are seeing the emergence of specific solutions focused on social media requirements for wealth management firms.”In this report, Celent extrapolates the future roadmap for social media adoption, from the unanimous adoption of policies to the emergence of effective social media analytics and effective ROI calculation by 2013.

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