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We Are Social Italia cofounders and managing directors Gabriele Cucinella, Stefano Maggi and Ottavio Nava stated, “Brands are understanding the increasing importance of a strategic and creative coordination of social activities.
Over the last five years, the Indian travel sector has adopted innovative trends, technologies and given a whole new dimension to this industry. It is estimated that the Indian travel industry will generate about USD 42.8 billion by 2017, thus creating hope for a highly optimistic future. India, a country with a lot of diversity, cultural heritage and scores of languages and dialects, presents unique challenges and opportunities for Online Travel Agencies. With the advent and penetration of Social Media, Online travel Agencies have an attractive opportunity to showcase the bouquet of services they offer, to connect to and engage with potential customers at multiple touch points. Online Travel Agents, being the ultimate wanderlust sector, tries to utilize the potential of social media networks to the best of their capabilities. Social media opens up a myriad of newer avenues and offers this industry to go beyond the obvious, to create more meaningful and interactive conversations. The study on this sector is based on the following 10 Online Travel Service, providing portals for a period of 30 day, starting from 1st March 2014 to 30th March 2014. Community Building holds the key to setting up the stage to execute social media campaigns flawlessly.
As mentioned earlier, the Online Travel Agents sector has an immense scope of incorporating a large variety of content in its basket.

Like others brands in the segment, Goibibo also reserves space for discounts, offers, festival discounts, co-branding offers, policies in their content bucket.
All these brands use different strategies for content but one common thing in their content is that all the posts have picturesque photos and offers which grab more eyeballs than any other type of content.
Although Hello Travel is direct and straight forward in its communication, they have a very average fan base and growth rate but they still get a decent amount of response and engagement from their customers. In terms of customer service and customer relationship management very few Online Travel Agencies make optimum use of Twitter to interact and contact customers. Specifically targeted for the North American market, MSC Cruises USA has more than 2.4 million Facebook fans, and 16,800 Twitter followers. The sector has always been one of the most crucial ones of the economy as it is not only a significant contributor to the GDP and foreign exchange reserve of the country, but also generates widespread employment. The travel boom, evolution of the internet, growing acceptance of e-commerce and the emergence of low-cost carries, have been key factors that have contributed to the emergence of this sector.
Right from contests to quizzes, descriptions of food, culture, ethnicity, wildlife, adventure sports, hotels, travel facts, travel diaries, best deals, combo-deals and so on, there is an undying scope of generating content which forms a reasonably good strategy to interact and make the two way communication with customers more effective. The communication is very plain and simple involving brief information about the travel destination.
Surprisingly, they lead the charts for engagement on Facebook with an engagement score of 262 – far higher than most other brands.

MakeMyTrip received the most likes, at 26,049 on 103 posts, but Hello Travel reached a wider audience by getting over 3,200 shares with just 48 posts. The other brands lie in the bracket of -2 % to 2 % growth rate, with an average of 2.3% growth rate, for the sector.
There is a scope of improvement here as the brand can bring fortune to the table by spending more time and energy in creating interactive and engaging content.
The reason for such high engagement can be accounted to the low number of fans on the page and high number of shares which is mentioned below. Ixigo uses Twitter’s conversational property to its best and direct its Twitter handle for customer service. With this hashtag they share places in India which a traveler must visit, live in and enjoy the marvelous experience of.

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