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Whether you are developing your social media for business or researching new trends because you love data, you are about to uncover some interesting findings. Twitter (you know that micro blogging social site that limits you to 140 characters) has the largest penetration (percentage of internet users tweeting once per month) in the United States.
The first social channel I decided to collect social media data from around the web is LinkedIn. Six months ago, I highlighted many benefits of social media for small business, but several new research articles add urgency to this message. The following 26 stats should impress upon you the importance of developing a social media strategy for your business. Social media users are more active offline and have greater influence than their peers (Nielsen). After visiting a social network, 45% of users will visit another social site, a multimedia site like YouTube or use a search engine.
Because many customers show a tendency to stay on social media sites, find ways to keep them engaged. 81% of small business leaders use social media to get in front of customers and find new customers.

This graphic highlights how important it is to integrate social media with your website, email and direct mail efforts.
Be sure to integrate your social media efforts with your website and mail efforts (online and offline). Don’t use the excuses of having a limited budget or a small fan base to prevent you from broadening and deepening your social efforts. Social Media Examiner has brought together 25 small business owners who are pros at social media to teach other small business owners how to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities available in social media. As a communications coordinator at a large university, this data is extremely useful to justify the time and effort I spend on social media. I am curious how you came up with #25 that business owner spend less than $100 and have no one manages their social media effort to get results.
3) Certainly one of the main reasons people will follow you in social media is for special insight and access to promotions and coupons.
A friend of mine rightly wrote today that social media and the internet represent the new marketplace. Really interesting post & some great insights to share with clients looking to expand into social media.

But the good news is that your customers are embracing social media as a normal part of their lives. Clearly, small businesses are increasingly leaning on social media to grow their businesses. Again, it depends on the type of business, but there are abundant examples of small businesses who have had success with social media. What this study didn’t reveal is how much time these businesses spend on social media marketing.
I have read most of the statistics in other reports, nevertheless, good overview for Facebook.
I’m certain it is true as people are increasingly relying on social media for all kinds of resources, but curious about data points. All thanks to the growing trend of social media, my small business have gone very far and I love my own business statistics too.

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