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Twtbuck is a do-it-yourself platform for social media advertising, social crowdsourcing and monetizing social media. This Alibaba Wholesale Secrets and eBay Product Sourcing Guide Course is perfect because it covers what products you actually should purchase from Alibaba and how to recognize and stay away from frauds that are out there to entrap sellers. With tons of social networks out there, you need to focus on those that will give you the best results. Social media followers love getting rewards and discounts—it’s one of the main reasons they follow brands on social media. Encourage customers to like or follow you on social media by posting social icons on your website and in your physical store.

You’ll be able to see what shoppers come to your site through social networks and how many of them buy, giving you instant insights into social media’s sales effectiveness.
Social media can help prospective customers discover your products, refer new customers to your site and even drive them to buy. Survey your current customers to find out what social media sites they use and look into data, like that collected by Pew, to see where your target customers are likely to spend their time.
If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you could hold a special event such as a late-night sale just for social media followers during the hours your store is normally closed.
Ibotta enables brands and retailers access to purchase list correlations to help them understand which media tactics convert to SKU-level purchases.“The world never had a way of tracking down to the SKU level what people are buying and why,” Leach said.

For an ecommerce site, give social media customers early entree to a sale that’s not open to the general public for a week or so.

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