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According to HubSpot’s 2015 Social Media Benchmark Report, the average number of interactions per post in software is less than one, while that of  e-commerce and consumer goods is eleven. In this blog post, we’ll discuss several reasons that we think cause the ineffectiveness in social media marketing of software and technology companies. The target audience of software and technology companies’ content are tech addicts, tech-related workers or tech students. To lower the effectiveness of social posts even more, you must consider the massive number of bots and scammers in your list of followers. It's not to say HubSpot is not as good as the consumer goods companies, but their audience pool either is small or responds less enthusiastically (as discussed in Reason #2), so the expected outcomes must be vastly different to lifestyle brands such as Coke. The sad fact is, if your company sells software or technology solutions, you can never get your buyers’ full attention on social media, whether your buyers are companies or end users.
First, company buyers, or B2B buyers, don’t use social media as their main source to collect information. Second, B2B buyers either don't have enough time for social interactions or don't use personal social profiles to deal with professional tasks. The differences between lifestyle products, necessities and software products are the same as the differences between blockbusters, Sitcoms and Sundance winners. Likewise, people are more interested about their daily needs, such as food and drink, and things that can immediately make them feel good, like gadgets and new clothes, than about software to use at work.
Your audience may have a basic background in this industry, so the content may be easier for them to digest on social, but still not interesting enough to pull them in. Some companies are good at posting high quality messages that are worth sharing, but unfortunately many others aren't, as you can see in all industries.

Often times, we see product-oriented social media posts that don't show genuine care about the audience's needs or issues. I suggest that software and technology can run contests to give away free subscriptions or free demos, like consumer goods companies often do, but again, this practice can generate only social shares within narrow tech communities whose members are probably in your database already.
For the reasons above, it's better for software marketers to expect less from social media as a lead generation tool. When you’ve nailed the initial rapport with new leads through those channels, social media, together with email marketing and other efficient lead nurturing channels, can help nurture the perspective and awareness of audience. Social media is often seen as a marketing staple primarily for B2C brands and companies interested in reaching millennials. Social media lends itself naturally to helping people make B2B decisions, says Kent Lewis of Anvil Marketing. As with other content marketing tactics, knowing your audience is one of the best ways to make social media marketing effective. LinkedIn and Twitter are also useful, because that’s where your audience “lives” during their workday, says Erin Wasson, vice president of marketing at relocation management software firm UrbanBound. Telecommunications provider Grasshopper does a good job of solving its audience’s problems through social media, says Linda Pophal, CEO of Strategic Communications. As with all marketing efforts, tracking and analyzing the data you collect on your social media activity can help you make it more effective.
Reputation Capital Media Services is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, marketing agency that helps B2B companies and their marketing agencies produce high-quality digital content, including blog posts, email newsletters, white papers and multimedia. But in many cases software and technology companies have been trying to engage audiences on social media even harder than those in some other industries.

These readers are often highly engaged, but their percentage of total internet users is so small that it hinders the kind of butterfly effect you can see on social media.
Exposure to and interactions from these “readers" are meaningless and may affect the reliability of your social performance report. They are largely distracted by messages and offers from companies in the more appealing industries. If you use social media as a lead nurturing channel, your metrics to measure its effectiveness will shift from exposure-based ones, such as number of followers and number of shares, to conversion-based ones, such as the number of leads downloading the new eBook via the social link. In other words, spend efforts on your content quality, personalization strategies, and customer experience optimization on social media rather than merely flashy social posts. And that’s a mistake — social media has a lot to offer B2B companies, and in fact Google research recently found almost half of people involved in B2B buying decisions are millennials. Log analytics software firm, found that the DevOps engineers, system administrators and developers that make up its target audience are very active in niche-tech Google+ communities, says Samuel Scott, the company’s director of marketing and communications. Track visits, followers, referrals to your website and blog posts, and any other relevant data, and then use that information to refine your social media marketing efforts to generate better results, Wasson says. These buyers use social media to leverage their careers, but much less likely to facilitate their jobs.

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