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Nevertheless, we think the TLO search is useful because it will at least save you time (and thus money) by searching 145 sources simultaneously. However, you can use Rapportive to accomplish some of the results of TLO’s Social Media search. If the above measures fail, you can find a person by email address through several reverse email and email address search engines.
Social Searcher - Free Social Media Search EngineSocial Media Real-Time Monitoring with Analytics and Email Alerts. The search is only available on a transactional basis and not included in flat rate or per seat pricing plans. However, it only returns information from the major social media sources (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter).

Identity theft and hacked online accounts are two major reasons for wanting to investigate an email address. The sender’s user name and email address, timestamp, and the internet protocol or IP address. The threat of online security has made it necessary for many of these sites to add failsafes to ensure that email addresses are legitimate. Facebook has made it easy for users to locate people by email address with reverse email search.
These services range from free to fee-based, and range from deep investigation to quick email address lookups. Instead, just hover over the recipient’s email address and Rapportive will display the social network information it can locate for that address in the right-hand margin of the composition window.

Login to Facebook and copy the email address of the person you are looking for into the Facebook search box. If Rapportive detects any social media profiles tied to that address, a link will be displayed, as shown below. Find a Person Behind the Email Address - VerifierA search in Google may bring some results.
1,000 Specialized Search Engines - E-Mail - Virtual SitesVirtual Search EMAIL Address Directory Over 500 listings in 30 languages.

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