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If you are using Internet most of the times, there are chances that you use search engines to check about your favorite topics, find contents and get answers to your questions. But when you want to find a person or a social media profile, search engines still shows you the results but with not that accuracy. Sometimes, online marketers have also been using social network search engines for competitive research, monitoring for brand reputations, content marketing through social keyword trends.
So, in this article, I am gathering 11 most popular social network search engines for individuals and small businesses.
2) Google Social Search : Google has added a new feature some time before that can make search results much more personal and relevant. 4) Wink : Wink is a people search engine that makes it easy to find and connect with people online.
6) Sightix : Israel-based Sightix is a search engine platform designed to give people the results that they are not currently receiving from Google. 9) SamePoint : Samepoint rolled out one of the first social media search and analytics platforms to help brands monitor and measure consumer feedback. I never used social media networks till now and i had no account on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz or in any other Social Networks.
Previously, i have been using twitter search to get targeted followers but didn’t know about these search engines before reading this post. This was a great article for me, since I am trying to use social networking to enhance sales of my book. I enjoyed reading your insight…social media software is vital in marketing today, we work at creating it every day.
Google Alerts has its uses, but it is simply not effective as a stand-alone tool for monitoring social media conversations on a day-to-day basis. However, with an RSS reader and some Internet savvy, you can build a powerful social media listening post at no cost. Unless you have another blog aggregator that you prefer, I recommend you sign up for Google Reader. The remainder of this article will show you how to use an RSS reader to build a social media dashboard.
Now every time a new article that fits your search query goes live, it will be added to your Google Reader.
Go to Google Blog Search and run search queries, pasting the RSS feeds of queries with relevant results into Google Reader as above.

There’s not a search engine around that can search a closed network, at least not as of this writing. This is a screen shot of the social media dashboard for my company, Sterling Rep Social Media. The above plan will allow you to construct a powerful social media listening post, free of charge. Tony Ahn is the owner of Sterling Rep Social Media, a firm providing online reputation management, web presence development and social media services to clients in Manila, Philippines and around the world.
I would invest the few dollars in qualitative software, such as HyperRESEARCH (less than $200) which will search for words or phrases and track how many it finds. Great post, personally I use Social Mention as well to compliment the feeds but the one thing missing is an automated dashboard to filter and summarise results. It will be great when there is an aggregator available at little or no cost that can provide and effective summary that can be understood at a glance. This is a great article and I would be interested in reading more about how small business owners (and others) can better manage their social media comments efficiently whether with a free service such as Google Reader or others not free. Wow, if I had 1.5 million users I would seriously consider investing some money into a social media tool. And if you noticed one thing, that most of the searches you do – generally top results are from social networking profiles, pages etc.
But thanks to social network search engines that are designed in such a way that aggregates data from social networking sites. These search engines will help you to search all social network sites once without going to check individually. This aggregated data may include demographic data, and estimated property and wealth values. The new feature is called Google Social Search that integrates results from your social networking sites.
Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc. The platform is available to any site that contains social elements and it enables individual users to receive different search results based on their social graph. The company set out to build the web’s largest database of social media web sites and make it easily accessible through a familiar search box interface. You search for your name, which in my case does have an Umlaut, and the first 10 results are names without the umlaut.

Considering most of these sites only became popular a few years ago I’d say there is definitely room for these social network search engines to grow.wait to see what happens. The rest of the page is not intended for humans to read, but for an RSS aggregator like Google Reader. This is an engine searching millions of conversations taking place on blogs and social media sites. They’re just starting to get into social media and so are not yet willing to invest in a paid tool.
These social network are free, public search engines that allows you to research lots of social networking sites, as well as other online sites, by a person’s name, email address, sometimes by a phone number etc.
For using this feature, you have to signed with your Google account and normally search any term and click on More search tools on left side of the page.
Simply put, the Sightix algorithm takes a user’s friends and connections into account whenever they search for something on the platform. I think, i should join these social networking sites and make some friends, so that i can know more about. These social network are free, public search engines that allows you to research lots of social networking sites, as well as other online sites, by a person’s name, email address, sometimes by a phone number etc. RSS readers are very useful because you no longer have to search for relevant information; you simply save your search queries in the reader and the relevant information will come to you. User-generated discussions (other than Twitter) are typically not indexed by major search engines, such as Google, as they do not reside on static pages. Scroll to the bottom and click the orange RSS button, and paste the link in your aggregator. Using a social media monitoring tool will help analyze the conversation, in addition to just supplying you with mentions across the web. I mean the solution offered here is interesting but really, without Facebook you basically built a social media monitoring tool without including the largest social network, which seems a tad silly.
I myself use Fuseware Social Insights that extracts detailed sentiment and influencer analysis, while letting me engage with anyone online simply by connecting my Twitter account to the platform. They have multiple employees that spend an hour a day monitoring their social media monitoring dashboard, and each of their dashboards is set up to cover part of the entire spectrum outlined above.

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