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Some believe the value of social media to online retailing (and vice versa) has been overestimated.
90% said search-engine marketing was the most effective source used to acquire customers last year, and they see social marketing strategies as experimental and needing further exploration.
62% said their return on investment was either unaffected by social media or that the benefits remain unclear.
So, while online retailers say social-commerce marketing has been less than successful for their businesses, many claim they’ll continue to place more of their marketing dollars into social networking, citing the potential for improvements from those channels in the future.
Where I see the biggest short commings: Like any marketing channel Social Media is susseptable to white noise. Upstream Commerce, a pioneer in pricing intelligence, provides online retailers with a next-generation pricing monitoring solution that enables them to price more competitively, boost sales and increase profit margins.

In this blog, we discuss ideas, techniques and strategies to compete more effectively in the extremely competitive world of online retail. Belicove in his Entrepreneur article, Why Social Isn't Helping Online Retailers Find Customers. There's no doubt social networks offer a multitude of opportunities for almost every sector, he says, but retailers worldwide are confused about how to get social media working for (and not against) them. We explore issues such as competitive retail & ecommerce pricing, competitive pricing, and competitive monitoring in general, as well as how to drive sales and best practices for online retailers. The company’s cloud-based solutions are purpose-built to simplify and streamline – on a massive scale – the complex data gathering, matching and processing required for actionable retail intelligence. Retailers will eventually learn how to use social media for their advantage, but for the time being are cautious, while giving their attention to more immediate needs, such as competitive pricing and selling and competing for sales with competitors.

Perhaps this is where social media adverts come in, together with TV, newspaper, Google content network and so on. When consumers think of retail and Facebook, they think of coupons or exclusive offers, not a shopping cart.

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