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My impression after the event was that here, if ever, was an opportunity to have produced a social media news release, a media release that makes content available in a form that bloggers and other online publishers can readily pillage for freely licensed embedded videos, images, social bookmarking buttons and related links to fill out their own post. The trad press release was fine for a news cycle that ran according to daily schedules, rather than real time, and sought to provide quotes that the media could reuse in their own copy. Traditional press releases seem (to me) to be designed to act as a source of material that other parties can draw on freely in their own publications (and as such act as part of a PR machine for whoever produced the release). Combine the firepower of social media with proven benefits of traditional wire distribution and extend your reach to millions of online influencersTarget mainstream media outlets while leveraging online news distribution like never before.
This entry was posted in Marketing Basics, News, Online, Public Relations, Social Media, Tech Tools, Trends. Dutch financial services group ING released the results of a survey last month on the impact of social media in The Netherlands in 2012.
The depth of information ING has published is comprehensive and paints a fascinating picture of attitudes, opinions and behaviours regarding social media in Dutch society based on a survey among 1,500 consumers, with a major focus on financial news.

55% of consumers come across information regarding the financial sector in online media such as news sites and newspaper websites at least once a week. 33% of consumers see financial information posted on social media like Twitter and Facebook at least weekly.
Nearly two-thirds of consumers (65%) said they find the information posted on online media to be reliable. I wholeheartedly agree that the social media press release is one element in a holistic communication and engagement endeavour.
Neville – I was searching for an example of a social media press release to show a colleague and your post popped up.
It seems like all the guys that were talking about the smpr have moved onto other subjects like Twitter, Friendfeed, reputation management and social media optimisation (SMO). I think higher education establishments are getting better at using social media.I work for a firm, that amongst other things, specialises in social media consultancy for colleges and universities.

Marketwire’s Social Media 2.0 Plus press release is a complete North American newsline that includes industry-leading social media tools and search engine optimization to add dimension and tactical intelligence to your communications while harnessing the power of the Internet.
Social is now embedded in it fully and wholly, and it’s one and the same with your traditional press release. It’s not enough to put links to your Twitter account or Facebook page on your press release, or even enough to provide suggested content.
Tools for sharing have made distribution of news and media much simpler than they were in the first version, back in 2006. Today, you must have your social network (or your PR agency must have one ready for you) prepared, with relationships built and in place, long before your press release even hits the wire.

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