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Your goals and strategy must be relevant to how you do business, to your staffing needs and to the tools and technology you have available. Sure you can use social media without a technological toolkit, but you won’t be able to make the most of it. Sure, we all know that LinkedIn is king of social recruiting, followed by Facebook and Twitter, but things change and change fast when it comes to social media. If you wait to engage with professionals until you have a need, it’s too late to implement a lot of these strategies. When you’re ready to start recruiting more effectively using social media tools, consider giving us a try! No Limits to Candidate PowerSearch.Jobscience PowerSearch instantly broadens the usability of an internal applicant tracking system and CRM database, transforming them into a sustainable competitive advantage for recruitment organizations. Traditional online job boards are on the way out; the future of recruiting is decidedly social. Sharing news and tidbits of general interest can create social media small talk, which leads to bigger conversations. Each social media site has a different audience and specific social norms; devise a different strategy for each and remember quality over quantity when it comes to your followers. Hiring can be a tedious process but with these handy tools, social media recruiting can be a piece of cake! A lot of the times, the best candidates are your biggest brand fans; those who follow your social media accounts, and love and engage with your brand.

If you’re looking specifically for team culture then using Instagram to look for your next hire may be the perfect tool! HireRabbit makes it easy to recruit on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Comprising of 130 different industries, and well over 100,000 recruiters, LinkedIn is by far the largest social platform of professionals. Jobvite is the leading social recruiting and applicant tracking system for companies with the highest expectations in recruiting software. Social recruiters are always working on the go – evernote allows you to access all of your notes and resources wherever you are.
It is social media after all – so try being more social – while maintaining professional relations.
This should communicate your culture and values and be reflected in all of your social media interaction and communications. This guide will help you learn how to harness social media to market open jobs, stay engaged with potential candidates and empower your employees to help recruit the best talent.
Jobvite maximises the reach of your ad via social media, friend and network referrals, and even mobile apps. Twitter is a free online conversational tool that allows users to send and read others users updates, which are text-based posts of up to 160 characters. By following other key industry players you gain insight into their recruitment practices 3.

Technology and social media have changed how we recruit but surprisingly have made recruiting more of a challenge in some ways because candidates are now widely accessible to so many companies simultaneously. With Jobvite you can turn your social followers to potential candidates and build relationships.
Great tool for tapping into passive market - Can find candidates through search engines and people search tools 2. Having a recruitment presence and sharing good information relating to job search, job seekers begin to trust the message your sending, resulting in candidates sending their resumes which is what happened to me.
Lengthy process to implement - When implementing a new social media tool into your recruitment process, be prepared for Legal and Marketing functions to review how their brand will be distributed into the market.
Recruitment Directory regularly shares Slideshare presentations to accompany their detailed blog posts. Through SM candidates can engage potential employers before submitting interest in that role and use their network to find new opportunities Growth of social media means everyone at some point is going to be connected to someone else be it 6 degrees of separation or less.

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