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Comprehensive three year analysis of Social Media community growth and recruitment effectiveness by UPS and TMP Worldwide presented by Matt Lavery and Mike Vangel at the 2012 Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in San Francisco, California. Even if you think you have a patented social media strategy that delivers ROI, Social Works is still for you, providing valuable insight and essential benchmarking to push your social media strategy to new levels of success. From earned media flash mobbing to 24-hour fundraising, Social Works will be the most valuable book manual in your 2013 social media toolkit. Social Works is a book for every campus communicator interested in how to get results with social media. Seth calls attention to a new social CRM initiative he’s heading up with the team at SNHU. Support institutional goals: Many higher ed institutions have implemented an integrated marketing plan to support institutional goals around enrollment, retention, and advancement. A majority of higher ed institutions, 85%, are using social media as a viable tool to build brand affinity. The end-of-semester crunch puts pressure on campus communicators to push a ton of content out to the media, students, parents, and other stakeholders before higher ed hibernation sets in.
More than 450 colleges and universities are turning student achievements into a powerful brand communications strategy that successfully targets, tracks, and measures audience engagement in local, online, and social media networks.
Take a look at your institution’s mission statement, value proposition, boilerplate, and strategic plan.

Job seekers with robust LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles have better access to job opportunities at growing companies than candidates whose job searches don't include active social networking profiles, according to the results of a new survey.
Jobvite, a maker of recruiting software, released the results of its third-annual social recruiting survey this morning, and the findings underscore the many reasons job seekers need to incorporate online social networking into their job searches. Jobvite asked 825 HR and recruiting professionals about the extent to which they use social networking websites in their recruiting process to find and vet candidates for jobs. If you're looking for a job and not active on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (the three social networking websites most popular with employers, according to the survey), here are four reasons to join these sites and actively manage your profiles. Companies that are hiring the most people in the shortest periods of time "are the ones who are more aggressively pursuing social recruiting," says Dan Finnigan, Jobvite's CEO. The Jobvite survey results show that employers prefer using social networking sites for recruiting because they make advertising jobs and sourcing candidates cheap and easy.
Some employers are shifting their recruiting activity away from traditional channels, such as job boards and third-party recruiters and search firms, as they deepen their engagement with social recruiting.
Cutting to the chase, if you want to learn more about the social media challenges and ultimate successes that 25 of your peers have faced and overcome, head over to EDUniverse and order your copy of Social Works.
And more than half of campus marketers have a communications and content strategy in place for using social media to engage target audiences. You can turn students into your most valuable marketing asset by giving your students personalize content that they want to share in their personal online and social networks.

You should grant achievements to students whose scholarly accomplishments and academic activities match your marketing plan and current content strategy. Their answers indicate that they view social networks as a viable channel for sourcing high-quality candidates and that they plan to increase their use of social networking websites in their recruiting efforts this year.
Jobvite found that 36 percent of survey respondents say they plan to spend less money on job boards as the economy recovers. The personal connections higher ed communicators are making with students, on behalf of their institution, is a sign that community management is worth it and is scalable – thanks to social media.
For that reason, online social networks are among the first places employers advertise jobs. One-third of respondents always check out candidates' social media profiles when vetting them.
Everyone feels fantastic about delivering on our promise to give higher ed communicators a platform to transform content and social media marketing into a measurable strategy that gets results. 58 percent of respondents have successfully hired candidates through social networking websites.

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