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Increasing numbers of job seekers are looking to social media to learn more about your company and engage with recruiters. Sourcing – Companies can source using social media channels to find passive candidates before they have an opening or if they have to fill an immediate need. Social recruiting works to your advantage only if you invest the time to build those relationships and just like a marriage, relationships are work. Recruiters have an opportunity to reach an untapped pool of candidates because let’s face it most employers are not engaging on social media for recruiting outside of LinkedIn Mails and automated RSS job feeds.

There is a lot of opportunity within social media, and anyone who doesn't take advantage will loss out. As the internet continues to dominate new areas of our lives, you may have wondered about the role social media and student recruitment can have on your business. This is important for recruiters to realise when using LinkedIn or other forms of social media, because constant job posts with no other content is going to do nothing but put off three quarters of your audience.
By combining social media with student recruitment, you can generate qualified leads much cheaper and more efficiently than through the recruiting methods of yesteryear.

There are no short cuts only best practices in any type of recruiting especially those of the social variety.

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