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We have come across client after client who have ‘made do’ with their Social Media profile imagery because they ran out of patience trying to upload something that could be uploaded, never mind look half decent! Twitter has very recently changed it’s profile layout, most likely due to how many problems users were having making their profiles look good. With the new changes to social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, we thought that this information may be useful to you.
We design cover images and profile pictures for all social platforms regularly, and yet we still find ourselves searching for the correct sizes.
This picture displays at three different sizes, depending on what device you are browsing Facebook on.
There are lots of different articles that will tell you many different sizes for the Google + page.

On April 22, 2014 this popular social network gave us its new web profile experience to users all around the world.
My go-to thus far has been opening files from other projects, so that it’s already properly sized, and designing around that.
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However we have found that these dimensions (480 x 270 pixels) are the minimum size you can upload, preferably a PNG to retain it’s quality, anything smaller than this will not look very good.
However, if you want to ensure maximum quality on all screens, tablets, or smartphones, we recommend you upload them with a size of at least 920 x 250 pix but not more than 1080 x 608 pix, otherwise some of the information will get lost.
Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem to remember a simple square image size, but when you add in several other social media sites and their many image sizes, it becomes a bit of a problem.

Here is a simple guide to all the most common social media image sizes and their respective templates for you to download.
If your day is anything like ours it consists of updating multiple social accounts and trying to remembering all those sizes drives me crazy. Get our cheat sheet, hang it up in your office and you’ll always have the sizes right there.

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