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Social software has been making its way into the enterprise for a while, but usually from vendors that are experts at enterprise needs.
Recently Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, indicated that the professional social networking giant was seriously considering expanding their services into internal capabilities such as enterprise social networking. By making LinkedIn useful for internal collaboration, social intranets, and more, it could suddenly become much more relevant to those looking at inexpensive approaches that also will have a high likelihood of adoption (which, in a way, is already baked in with LinkedIn's large existing user base.) Enterprise social networking software still comes at a real premium compared to the free social networks of the Web, so the revenue model could be very compelling to the company. In my research, I find that there's strong correlation with the speed and success of internal adoption of social media and the level of investment made.
According to a survey done by staffing and recruiting firm AMN Healthcare, 48% of surveyed healthcare providers are using some type of social media website for professional networking purposes. In 2011, 31% of respondents cited use of social media when searching for a job, compared with 21% in 2010.

Of those who used social media for job searching, 11% said it resulted in a job interview, 9% said it led to a job offer, and 6% found a new job through their use of social media. When asked which single social media site they would choose, 74% of those surveyed cited Facebook, an increase from 64% in the 2010 survey. How about rxeconsult healthcare network where healthcare professionals and businesses publish articles and increase their visibility.
Now it appears that professional social networks on the Internet will make an attempt at the space. Enabling enterprise-wide social conversations virally and for free was very successful for Yammer (now at 3 million plus users), but they had to start out from scratch with their user base. This means at least two things: 1) Make it easy to securely connect and collaborate across the full social business spectrum including workers, trading partners, and customers and 2) Take good advantage of the knowledge of the full social graph that workers have beyond their organization to derive insight including expertise location, hiring, innovation opportunities, and more.

Frankly, for a variety of reasons including control, hosting, and vendor experience with enterprises, many large companies aren't going to look at professional social networks to provide social media capabilities, at least for a while. Allied professionals (36%) and nurses (33%) are the most frequent users, followed by pharmacists (29%) and physicians (23%). Although 6% is still low, only 3% of respondents credited social media for securing a job in 2010. AMN is getting ready to send out its next annual social media survey and will share results with you for your readers.

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