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At a recent workshop I gave called "What the Board Needs to Know about Social Media Risks – Using Assurance Mapping as the basis of the dialogue" all the participants gave it a solid positive rating at the end of the 3 hours. In this example we have mapped the key assurance touch-points for "escalation procedures for social media incidents". These kinds of examples may or may not be familiar to the participants, and those with more knowledge help the others understand the reality of these situations. We so often see Social Media Policy being developed as something new and lacking connection to all the previous good practice of human resources and supervision.
One of the key points of not making the Social Media Policy special and isolated is that by integrating it an organisation is emphasising that supervision of social media issues is no different to supervision of other key staff activities such as bullying. And we throw in a couple of appendices - one a catalogue of  social media risks with mitigation, and the other related to the Public Sector aspect of the conference which is an appendix of Australian Public Service social media resources - a handy list of references about #gov2au. If you are looking for a way to have a discussion with your leaders about brand risk or reputation risk or other key social media risks then this Workshop will teach you how.

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Social Media and Online Monitoring for $5.00 per hour supported by the best voted technology. I was recently in a planning session with a client to help develop their first social media policy. During the pack-up a couple of them mentioned to me that they'd been in two minds about attending, but glad they did, and offered some suggestions to make it more apparent as to the outcomes and benefits (thanks Breanna Kellow and John Salter). If you're looking for assurance about any aspects of social media risk, audit, governance or control you will also learn how to approach it from this Workshop. After conducting an audit online, the company realized that many employees and customers were already communicating about (and occasionally, on behalf of) their brand online.

What you get from the Workshop is a way to frame social media risk discussions with your most senior stakeholders using a very simple representation - via assurance mapping.
Before this we review the concepts and application of assurance mapping as a tool to promote discussion of risks, and before that we discuss a series of risk scenarios to get everyone onto the same page about the issues. In these next steps we discuss social media governance, especially from an audit perspective, and then step back a little and reflect on how existing risk assets can be incorporated in approaching social media risk, especially with respect to a Social Media Policy.
It needs to be integrated and only those things specific to social media placed in this document. This is relevant to risk review in the context of assessing assurance about induction, training, and other social media skill and process issues.

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