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We have all heard the jaw dropping statistics on the massive proliferation of social media. Small businesses are twice as likely to discover qualified leads over other business types.
Local businesses have always thrived using word-of-mouth marketing and generating referrals from happy customers. The biggest mistake many small businesses make when implementing a social media marketing campaign is not having a strategy or plan. As a wise man once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Don’t let another business’s lack of social media planning sabotage your social media success!
Time and dedication are required to build a good social network, since this is how you will remind your clients about the value you represent to them. There are many tools you can use to create, improve or increase your social media presence.
As you can see, your online social presence, social communication or social networking requires planning, execution and evaluation. Your marketing strategies need to constantly change and be up to date with the latest trends that provide benefits to your business.
Yanina Rosario, Florida SBDC at USF associate director and certified business consultant, specializes in business certifications, business planning, and marketing.

800 million Facebook users, millions of tweets per day, Facebook would be the fourth largest country… By now you should know that social media is not only here to stay, it is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.
So it’s not hard to understand why using social media’s power to amplify word-of-mouth marketing messages is a must for small businesses.
The “if we build it they will come” mentality is ineffective and will leave you bewildered and coming up with mistaken ideas like “social media marketing just doesn’t work in my industry” or “there is no advantage of using social media in my market”.
The key is to know what your clients want, which social media they use, and always to remind them of the value you represent by using the same platforms they use. For example, if your business’ specialty is event planning, offer tips about how to host a party or dinner. And small, local businesses in particular have a tremendous amount to gain on social media platforms. However, social media has had slower adoption in local small businesses mainly due to lack of resources, hurdles with technical know-how, or uncertainties about effective usage or social media ROI. Putting up a Facebook fan page and then waiting for users to appear is the same as making jewelry and then trying to sell it out of your front yard hoping that the right customer strolls by. Develop a social media marketing strategy and leverage the social media platforms to achieve your business goals. Social media platforms are simply another way to communicate with existing and potential clients.

Rosario’s expertise comes from more than 13 years of guiding pre-venture and well-established business owners through procurement, licensing, planning, marketing and financing, helping clients secure more than $3.2 million in small business loans. The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report showed that when using social media, small businesses are twice as likely to discover qualified leads over other business types. I’ve also heard business owners say that they tried social media marketing and it was a waste of time. Unfortunately this is what many small businesses do and then they declare that social media marketing doesn’t work.
Rosario serves on the board of directors for the CareerSource Tampa Bay, is a member of the City of Tampa Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Committee, and the Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week) planning committee. It is very possible that you will not have the time to undertake this part of your business’ marketing efforts.

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