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While it still takes time to get things organized, it will make it easier for you to fit your social media schedule in with all the other stuff you have to take care of each day. Good article , it reminds people that social media success doesn’t happen overnight and a clear schedule is the first step toward it. Most important thing a business can do is to be committed to taking the time to creating a social media presence that people want to follow and share.
Join our local experts to learn proven marketing techniques for email, social, and mobile audiences. With some simple planning, self-reflection and research, you can harness the ‘beast’ that has become social media. This methodology can be applied to managing personal social media profiles and provide a basic foundation for a solid business social media strategy. I have created a Social Media Planning Spreadsheet that outlines MY plan and can serve as the perfect template for yours. The first and most important step is asking yourself what you TRULY want to accomplish by creating and updating social media profiles. If after some thoughtful self-reflection you realize you AREN’T looking for a new job, a better career path, more clients, more contacts, more influence, maintaining connections with friends and family AND want to live entirely ‘off the grid’, then perhaps social media is NOT your ‘thang’. Before finalizing your objectives and audience segments, go out and gather some data to help drive your planning. Whether you like it or not, there are likely social media profiles floating around the web that house information about YOU! Before embracing your new social media plan, it’s essential you audit the current state of your online visibility and build fixing any hiccups into your planning.
There are thousands of social media networks and platforms and it’s impossible to participate in them all.
Be sure to align the type of media on each platform with your passions, interests and talents or PITs. Once you have determined your active social media channels, it’s time to commit to regular updates. The Social Media Planning Spreadsheet outlines my plan for 2013 and can be a GREAT template for yours. Very smart social media strategy, Thank you for the Social Media Planning Guide download and links to some of the tools you mentioned in the article. To start, if you are strapped for time to brainstorm content ideas in the beginning of each week or month, use this template to get your content generating house in order.
We’ve had the pleasure of sitting on the sidelines over the last several years watching Greenlining work hard to discover how social media can help build an online community and shape dialogue about a topic. As marketers are tasked with the challenge of doing less with more, there's an increasing demand to quantify the value of social media. Create 4-8 total social media goals that cascade from Scope business goals and align with the Mission.

Consider using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) strategic planning method when trying to determine the focus and number of goals. To help select tactics, chart and score how different social channels can serve your goals. Limit the list of metrics featured on your strategic planning map to the 2-5 that provide the greatest value.
Only 20 percent of marketers are planning social media goals before tactics, so this is a huge opportunity for you to jump forward! Angie is an inbound marketing thought leader skilled at creating magnetic content optimized for search, social, conversion and mobile.
Depending on the role each network plays in your social media plans, you may want to adjust these numbers.
Remember that your goal on social media should be to grow relationships and build an audience for your business.
For some businesses, the majority of social media activity will take place during the Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. Once you see how it works with one network, you can start to incorporate all of your activity into your social media schedule.
I think if Twitter is going to play an important role in your social media marketing, you will need to post at least 5x per day. Only thing that would have made it better is to have included a downloadable file (like in Excel) with the info you provided above in grids, so that we could use it as template to plan out our posts and have the demographic info to refer back to.
Each of the social networks offers the ability to download their logos and we did a little design work in Powerpoint to create the final images. Whether you are totally new to technology and the online space or are an industry veteran, around since its inception, the following plan will help you build a solid foundation for social media success. I wanted to provide consistent and valuable updates to my network of social media and digital marketing professionals, thereby organically growing my business network by a certain percentage over the twelve month time span. Each of these segments has very specific needs and expectations regarding your involvement on social media. If you are currently maintaining several social media profiles, take the time to determine WHO is already a follower, fan or ‘liker’. It is also, of course, the largest GLOBAL social network and almost EVERYONE has a profile, so it can be a key channel for everyone from brand marketers to small business owners.
Studies, reports and infographics are floating around the web that outlines social media user statistics. If you LOVE digital photography then choosing a community that promotes and supports that medium might prove to be a good choice.Instagram is one of the fastest growing communities that centers around digital photography. Social media isn’t a one-way conversation and simply spewing out updates isn’t a good strategy for anyone. The ‘Measurement’ tab on the Social Media Planning Spreadsheet allows you to track your metrics monthly.

Seeing monthly improvements in your social media metrics will help fuel your efforts and keep you inspired to continue your regular updates. Optimizing and planning your site according to the Organic search results holds an important place in the recent marketing trend.
Today, we want to share out their newest publication, The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits.
We’ve been thinking a lot about crafting messages, creating content, and building self-serve templates to help organizations plan their online messages. Thank you JC for getting at the heart of helping social justice advocates and organizations communicate and listen online. Here's a guide to mapping a social media strategy with meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) that align to business objectives for tangible measurement!
Before diving into tactics, you need to define social media goals that align with business objectives. Map the letter ID of the corresponding business goals to each of the social media goals for quick visual understanding of alignment. The latter two perspectives are often forgotten; yet planning time for training, operations, and policy documentation is imperative, especially for social media. Many users were angry about the change, though the company has seen more search share and social activity. This doesn’t mean that your social media strategy should be directly tied to revenue, but it does help to determine a target for your efforts. Even if you efforts are business focused, there may be a creative way to incorporate photography and rich media into your strategy.
The strategy guide is filled with social media strategies and tactics to really build a foundation for your social media presence as a nonprofit. It's time to ground your social media initiatives with a strategic plan that makes measurement clear and easy. This will ensure you have the means to measure your social media success and hold yourself accountable for meeting your goals. If you don’t have time to conduct a full-blown survey, simply start asking for direct feedback on your current social media efforts or lack thereof. Angie is best known for her expertise in mobile and emerging technologies across the convergence of search and social marketing and is a strong, vocal advocate for white hat SEO. jobs update
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