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When it comes to staying on top of social media, one of the big challenges we have is to find the social media tools that will help us achieve a happy medium between curating, listening, engaging and producing content. Typically I like to do my Facebook work “in” Facebook, but I know plenty of people who’d rather do all their Facebook management from a third-party app.
So if you are really pressed for time, then I honestly don’t know of a better one-stop management shop for the primary social networks than HootSuite. Even though Facebook has recently introduced the ability to schedule posts, the feature is extremely clunky, and Post Planner makes it a breeze. Post Planner now lets you create lists of Pages and Groups to schedule posts to (though if you’re smart, you’ll still send them out at different times, but at least now you don’t have to schedule the same post over and over again).
I like Post Planner better for Facebook (or posting directly to Facebook), and I’m just not very active on LinkedIn at all.
I love Post Planner and stoked I work for them now after using the product for over a year!
Learning: We provide thousands of free articles, tutorials and resources to the social good community. Automating some of the more repetitive tasks related to social media can help you be more productive and efficient with the execution of your social media strategy. To save you time and improve your marketing efforts, I’ll show you three social media tools that will deliver your content efficiently. Post Planner, an independent application you install within Facebook, is designed to help you deliver content to your Facebook Page effectively. View the latest content from your favorite Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts or blogs from within Post Planner and add articles, tweets or posts to your queue.
Post Planner provides a database of thousands of updates you can search to find ideas for your status updates. Go to Post Planner and select ‘Sign in with Facebook’ then ‘Go to App’ and grant permission to let Post Planner publish on your behalf. There are thousands of status updates that generally provide good engagement on a Facebook Page so you can select the most appropriate one and add it to your queue for posting.
When a Post Planner user creates a folder of content sources, the folder and its content are made available to other users. Content from Social Media Examiner’s Fan Page is displayed in order of the content that received the highest number of shares on the web. Click on a piece of content to read it within Post Planner and when you’re happy that it’s good for your audience, click on ‘Add to Publisher’ to place it in your queue. When something happens on one platform or app, a trigger action is performed on another platform or app. When you connect your Buffer account, you’ll need to specify which social media profiles the content will be sent to before you configure the message. If you have multiple authors writing blog posts, set to submit specific post to an appropriate account based on the author. will ensure that your blog content is sent out automatically to your social channels and the analytics will let you see which content is most popular with your social network connections. Full automation of social media is never advisable, but automation of some tasks can save time and free you up for content creation, market research and overall engagement. Ian Cleary is the social media tools guy for Social Media Examiner and founder of Razorsocial. I would humbly like to offer to give you a demo and tour of Rallyverse, which helps businesses to discover, curate and publish great content to social channels. It’s an app sitting within Facebook and that’s where Facebook would prefer you! There doesn’t appear to be any negative issues with using a 3rd party app any longer. Plus with our premium plans we actually build an app just for you that no one else is using.
It’s challenging to rely solely on memory or your WordPress drafts for accurate planning, but companies using this content management system (CMS) can download the free editorial calendar extension and get organized within minutes.
One of the most innovative and brilliant approaches to editorial calendar tools we’ve encountered is VMWare’s “enterprise social media network,” SocialCast. While this app wasn’t designed specifically for using exclusively as editorial calendar tools, it’s got plenty of loveable features. This all-in-one marketing solution boasts that it’s the only editorial calendar tool built for the social media age. WordPress users who are ready for something a bit more robust than the free editorial calendar tools extension should consider CoSchedule, a comprehensive approach to inbound marketing.
It’s a terrific way to post to a number of social networks, schedule posts and listen in on what’s going on, either by creating dedicated searches or creating streams of Twitter lists you’ve set up.
We focus on intelligent information management, digital customer experience management and the emergence of social business tools and practices. If a Post Planner user creates a folder containing content from the top Facebook experts, this folder is available to other Post Planner users to select content from. Post Planner helps you find and share this content, which can save you a significant amount of time. In this case, when a new video is added, you want details added to your Buffer queue so it can be posted to one or more of your social channels.
To post your blog articles to your social networks, enter the address of the feed for your blog, then click ‘Save’. But disappointed to learn that Post Planner won’t give me the option to post to my Facebook Fan Page.
Your post says that you used the free trial of Post Planner and you were able to set up a posting schedule. The free trial isn’t letting me schedule a post, which was the main reason I signed on to Post Planner.

Our Trending Content lets you add it easily to posts and into your Content Engine inside the app (premium users only). And I was just feeling so overwhelmed with the task of running two websites as well as social media by myself. Print magazines have long planned their feature stories well in advance, sometimes as much as a full year. The software tracks the workflow of your content marketing from strategy to execution and social distribution.
There’s certainly some social elements, but this product allows you to create products, assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate in a way that could totally revolutionize the way you work. ContentDJ certainly bridges the content marketing lifecycle exceptionally well, and users can track and plan original content, optimize social media posts, and source content for curation from the dashboard effortlessly.
If your media team is creating an enormous velocity of content, it may be worthwhile to invest in this platform which can manage hundreds of tasks, deadlines, and concepts at any given time. You can schedule and assign tasks and dependencies to a number of users within the calendar feature, which offers the added benefit of automated social publishing. I haven’t tested all of them, of course, but of those I have tested, here is what I currently think is the holy trinity of managing social media. It introduced an iPhone app not too long ago, and while that’s still a little clunky, overall it works pretty well. That is very useful, but since I’m used to HootSuite and Post Planner, I haven’t really used that feature yet.
While few brands can afford to be 12 months behind the times in the era of real-time publishing, it’s critical to take a lesson from traditional media in planning and preparedness. I really appreciate you putting all of this together :) I use coschedule now but want to do a little more with my editorial calendar. They have a pretty editorial calendar within their project management app for marketing teams.
The robust platform offers quite a few more capabilities than just acting as a content calendar, including social publishing and analytics. This WordPress extension can be a life-changing addition to smaller teams, but keep in mind it’s capabilities for tracking content offers and social media posts is rather limited. Once a user gives the app access to their account, they can immediately begin scheduling posts. They then have to select the page or group, who can see the post, the time the post should appear and if it should repeat or not.

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