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KommeinI don't know what it means either, but this blog is about online stuff.Follow Kommein! EMarketing and Social Networking – A free online course from the Maine Small Business Development Center. Managing the Digital Enterprise – This course comes courtesy of North Carolina State University.
Teacher Guide to Creating Interactive Media – One of the many free online courses from the Apple Learning Exchange.
This is awesome, social media is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do but few truly do well. I was considering a graduate level course offered by Drury University as an online course for $2000. We have already posted your grades for Online Reflection 1, so that you get some feedback as you prepare for Reflection 2 this week. Online PresenceWalking into a room where everyone is sitting casually around a table, updating their work on laptops or iPads, and generating creative ideas, you might think you’ve crashed a meeting of a social networking company. After the team was established in October 2010, members of #44 Social spent two months working on SU’s Facebook page and Twitter account.
Because of the rise and proliferation of the online university, people interested in attending college now have countless options from which to choose. One last thing you need to remember is that people tend to exaggerate online, especially if they are able to post their comments anonymously. Again, there’s nothing wrong with seeking student responses of online universities, so long as your findings are tempered with a more reputable resource like U.S.

AboutSocial Media Mom began in 2007 and was founded by Kristen Munson, president of Kmunse Marketing and mother of four.
Many colleges and universities now have online marketing and social media agendas, however, many of today’s social media professionals are self taught after hanging around online for more than a decade.
This week, you will start developing your social media strategy and campaign projects in a more detailed and structured way.
Karen Freberg, an assistant professor at the University of Louisville and an expert on crisis communication.
Some people are inclined to conduct a simple Google search of the most highly rated online schools and glance only at the contents of the first hit or two. Put it together with the list from of a couple of weeks ago of social media tutorials and resources and you’re golden. We are now continuing only with the VCU undergraduate students, who are registered in our MASC 291 – Global Health and Social Media course.
We will now use all of the knowledge from the first eight weeks of the course and will apply it to real-life social media projects. Gathered around the table is the all-student team known as #44 Social, which creates online content for Syracuse University. They often use various online tools so they can do quick searchs to answer queries on SU-related issues, and they are responsible for providing and updating information about University news and events, and posting photos and videos. According to Brodock, all the members of #44 Social have conducted themselves in a professional and confident way while on the accounts. For years they have been ranking America’s schools, and recently they’ve begun doing the same for online universities.

From this week on you will be working in project teams and will develop social media campaigns and strategies for our two nonprofit clients.
And this team continues to add more social media platforms and is revitalizing the University’s YouTube channel. They take into account three indicators: Faculty Credentials and Training (Westfield State University comes in at #1), Student Services and Technology (Arizona State University) and Student Engagement and Assessment (Bellevue University).
Students, faculty, alumni, sports fans, and potential SU students can now stay close to the University through such platforms as YouTube, foursquare, Google+, and Instagram. In the Google Hangout, Ellen Libby will describe the mission of the organization, its social media needs and the expectations for the project work in our course. Not all online schools are created equal, though, and it’s essential to choose the best one. The Google Hangout is offered in cooperation with the Virtual Speaker Series of the Center for Media+Health at VCU. Just as there is an abundance of schools from which to choose but, using online university rankings can help you narrow your decision down.

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