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This BBC News article suggesting Twitter could be used to notify emergency services of fires highlights the urgent need for an appreciation of the latest stats and facts surrounding mobile (the newest mass media).
This Act, of course, is able to strengthen personal data protection as a social obligation.
It is going to be a tempestuous year with more developments in the social media scene, and a digital war may erupt between Internet users, companies and governments. Defamation actions and criminal charges against people for alleged misuse of social media have also become normal. Last year saw an increase in the use of social media by the legal profession to market their services.

With such extensive use by legal practitioners, the Law Society of England and Wales issued a practice note for the use of social media by lawyers. Back home, Cybersecurity Ma­­laysia introduced a new Internet guideline called Best Practice on Social Networking Sites (SNS). Normally, misappropriated Top Level domain names are recoverable through the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre. The Court held that creating hyperlinks to allegedly defamatory articles does not amount to a publication of defamatory information. Many commentators are of the opinion that PhoneDog should have established a social media policy to determine the issue of ownership of the Twitter account when the account was created.

May the Personal Data Protection Commissioner implement this principle in an effort to produce a resilient society for the benefit of future generations.
Friendster repositioned itself as a social gaming site and discontinued its user social network accounts, leaving Facebook with one less competitor.

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