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Top female tweeters include Fashion director of Marie Claire Nina Garcia, country singer Carrie Underwood and The Hills star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad.
Michael Kors’ Twitter account in particular gained an extraordinary amount of new followers as the date approached NYC Fashion Week, peaking at 5,842 new followers on September 6th, 2015.
Michael Kors’ top Facebook posts of the week are positively received and are intensely shared, commented and liked by the community. Social media monitoring of all New York Fashion Week related publications and #NYFW hashtag tracking show us great insights about the past week’s results – we can actually identify what stood out from the noise. Overall, the most trending hashtags of New York Fashion Week were the official #NYFW and industry-related hashtags such as #fashion, #inspiration, or #style. Looking at the geolocation of online mentions, we cannot ignore the volume of tweets, and news articles originating from New York. So these were some insights and figures on how successful brands and media personalities can create buzz and turn the social media spotlight on their work, story, and news.
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It wasn’t long ago that fashion shows were largely private affairs, where photography and video were tightly managed. The advent of smartphones, with high megapixel cameras and social media apps has challenged the highly controlled world of fashion shows. Articles found in magazines are in a large part written by female authors, such as Forbes contributors Ko Im and Vivienne Decker, style and beauty writers Rachel Torgerson and Rose Walano for US Weekly, or Stephanie Chan for Hollywood Reporter. They shown they know how to maintain interaction with their communities while subtly promoting their new work! A closer trends analysis revealed that model with a bionic arm Rebekah Marine, Instagram’s supposed ability to predict the next runway walking model, and the arrival of some popular guests were the events that made the social media crowd go wow. The other pillars of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks also got their hashtags heavily used (#LFW, PFW and MFW for London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week respectively). A look at the three main social networks of this event shows the highest potential reach for Twitter but the best level of engagement for Instagram. Whilst it creates an opportunity to reach a global audience previously unavailable, Kenneth Cole is using mobile and social to challenge the traditional dynamic of fashion.

For our part, we can say there was a clear impact on the world of social media: over the past 30 days, Stuart’s coverage in online news and blogs and magazines roughly amounted to 1132 articles. Get that all right and you steer well clear of the dreaded Auf Wiedersehen on social media! With fashion bloggers using the new tools of the trade, it brings immediacy to a global audience.
His front row was littered with fashion bloggers all using their smartphones to Tweet, Instagram and Vine (if that is now a verb) the event.

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