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With over 1 billion social media users talking about various people, topics or events, it is difficult to pick any substantial details from that random collection.
On any social platform, lists or groups help you combine people with similar interests in one place and follow their activity easily. BlueJay, a tool by social media monitoring company BrightPlanet, shows the locations of tweeters who have left their geotagging option activated.
Social media monitoring started in the world of marketing, allowing companies to track what people were saying about their brands. The tool, called BlueJay, is capable of scanning the entire "fire hose" of tweets, he says — far more than is available to search from the Twitter Web page. Ryan Calo, a professor at the University of Washington law school who specializes in privacy issues, says police could run into trouble searching on the Internet. But now, with software that allows users to scan huge volumes of public postings on social media, police are starting to embrace it as well.
Social media monitoring tools thus come as the harbinger of such technology that could help predict any anti social activity and alert authorities prior to its occurrence.

These influencers form a niche segment who can drive social behavioural patterns as per their will.
NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Searching for such irregularities in social network behaviour could provide an insight into the under goings of a lot of activities and help take efficient measures for them. CEO James Leavesley says the company is in the business of monitoring "social media risk." Companies can use the product to keep tabs on what employees say on social media or watch what others are saying. The law and the courts are far behind the technology, and no police department wants to become the test case.
He thinks the tools are useful, and he's worried that a public backlash could cause law enforcement to lose them. Online tools, including websites that compile posts to social media sites and save searches by location, can offer departments quick information. City police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said social media are very useful tools during large events such as the Grand Prix and Sailabration, as thousands of tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook check-ins flooded in from users downtown.

But some say that with a little training and understanding, social media can prove very useful to departments. Lauri Stevens, is a social media specialist whose company, LAwS Communications, is producing the Social Media the Internet and Law Enforcement Conference in Sunnyvale, Calif., in February to educate law enforcement on the use of social media. Social media users often trust what comes from law enforcement channels, which can allow authorities to affect the outcome of a potentially dangerous situation. She said college police have been especially adept at using social media, because much of their audience is composed of active users.

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