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Why social media should still have a conscience and why maybe not all marketing is good marketing.
In an era when social marketing demands a certain proclivity towards the immediately relevant, it can be hard to decide what is ‘on brand’ and what is not. As such, it has become necessary to ask questions about whether or not effective marketing needs to reassess its intentions when it comes to leveraging online trends first. Two such examples have been brought to the media’s attention over the past week and both beg the questions of what is acceptable and what is being plainly dismissive of its lack of relevance to ‘the latest’. A subsequent example of insensitive marketing and brand management came from Australian supermarket brand Woolworths.
The website that was built to support the social media campaign was swiftly removed after The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs was made aware of the situation. What makes this strategy even more problematic is the legal bindings surrounding the use of the word ANZAC for marketing purposes.
The company has been accused of exploitative marketing and trivialising the word for commercial gains. What many have an issue with, is that the apology was met with questions about the unfettered development of the marketing strategy that made it into a campaign in the first place. Both of these examples provide a vital insight into the perpetually changing nature of social media and how what is ‘trending’ or ‘relevant’ is more often than not, deemed to be synonymous with brand expansion.
Critical thinking needs to still be a part of the digital landscape and identifying places and spaces for brands to weigh in to, should be considered, just as much as the marketing opportunities are. Companies have found social media platforms to be excellent places to acquire customers and build brand loyalty. Social media offers brands the chance to connect directly with their audience and leverage that connection to move them through the sales funnel. Programs like BrightEdge make it easy to see how well a social campaign is performing and how successfully it is interacting with SEO.
Although many companies like to track basic metrics, such as the number of followers on various social platforms, it tends to be far more beneficial to track metrics that look more closely at the level of engagement those followers have with your page.

These are the types of statistics that will give you insight into how well your social media is expanding your brand reach. Social media marketing is a fantastic tactic that gives brands the platforms they need to engage with the modern digital audience. This is an enormous benefit that you receive from implementing social media marketing into your business strategy.
Finally, you can seamlessly integrate social media marketing into your overall marketing and business strategy. Of course there are dozens of other important reasons why social media marketing is important for your business success. I hope these two posts have been insightful and will help you recognize the benefits and necessity of incorporating an effective social media marketing strategy into your business model.
Picture From HubSpot Everyone in the world of digital marketing, social media, and startups know about Guy Kawasaki. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and 2016 will be another big year of expansion and maturation. That is, what brands are able to ride the wave of the latest hashtag, or identify with their audience through social media posts geared towards assumed relatedness.
On what would have been Stephanie’s wedding day, women took to social media platforms to voice their solidarity in mourning the life of Stephanie Scott and paying tribute to what should have been a day of celebration for Scott and her family. Social media marketing, then, is the art of using that information to connect with potential customers, build relationships, and ultimately grow companies to new heights. Success with social media requires more than just establishing a profile and posting a few times per week. Keywords should be used on the social profiles because they are indexed by Google, but also because it will make it easier to find your brand through internal searches on-platform.
You can easily track social SEO metrics, such as applicable keywords, to see where your pages can be improved to attract more visitors and improve your social media success.
Considering that over 70 percent of online American adults use some form of social media, these platforms offer an unparalleled opportunity to interact with potential customers.

You could easily spend hundreds or thousands (or significantly more depending on your business) of dollars on any of these traditional marketing methods. Properly leveraging these sites can help you take your marketing campaigns further, connect with new consumers and expand your brand reach. Stay in the game or pull ahead of that competition with  affordable and effective marketing via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more! With social media marketing, you can get incredibly detailed, immediate, and convenient statistical reports on nearly every aspect of your SMM campaigns.
Every email marketing campaign and website should be fully integrated with its SMM if it isn't already.
Social media marketing can be that viable affordable alternative, or a significant component, of your marketing strategy. And everything radio and television is already integrated or being integrated with online media. Not only will your social media platforms save you money in the short term, these platforms and SEO-boosting power remain in place to pay dividends months and even years with minimal maintenance.
Analyze this data and modify your social media posts and ads accordingly to achieve even greater results. And because it's digital, you can usually modify your social media marketing platforms or strategy as needed . You could be spending a fortune on traditional advertising or marketing consultants when social media marketing could get the job done for a fraction of the price.

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