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So in looking at the above objectives, I think that businesses would be smart to take these into account when looking at social media analysis tools.
You can read more about the Social Media Analysis report on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog or view the entire report on Slideshare here.
It should be pointed out that the information presented in Social Media Analytics: A New Framework for Measuring Results in Social Media is probably more suited for those brands with the marketing budgets and the resources necessary to support an initiative. This is probably the most common usage of social media analytics that I think should be tied in as a business objective.

Not really crowdsourcing, but should you look at the results generated from social media analytics, you can see what features people want to see in your product. As investor and advisor to startups, Francine Hardaway, pointed out in her rebuttal post, the information presented in this post is mostly suited for large companies, not small to medium-sized businesses.
The Social Media Analytics report continues on by breaking down the various KPIs per business objective and offers a formula for nearly all of them to help us ascertain whether we’re really getting the right number for our ROI.
Most companies also utilize social media analytics to also monitor what’s being said about them in the ecosystem so that they could potentially avert any disasters.

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