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The purpose of this article is to define social media marketing, show you the benefits of social media marketing, give the reader some social media marketing tips, and end with some social media marketing tools to help your business capitalize on this phenomenon. There are several social media marketing companies and social media marketing programs that focus on generating information that builds awareness, and in turn encourages interaction between people so the information can be shared.
Below is a video with tips and strategies to market your business more effectively through social media. As can be seen from the image above provided by Social Media Examiner, the most important social media platforms for businesses to utilize in business are Facebook (49%), LinkedIn (16%), and blogging (14%). I think the key reason social media marketing is so effective is that buyers always seek certainty when they exchange their dollars for a product or service.
Great comments, social media marketing is all about trust and speaks to what you are saying about buying online in an uncertain digital world.

Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming and uneffective if done the wrong way and it’s easy to get lost. Weaving together a great social media marketing strategy is an increasingly important aspect of online business.
During my preparation for a recent presentation on social media marketing, I spent a lot of time thinking about how the different sites work together, Twitter in particular. My audience ranged from people with little or no experience marketing online to people who are already actively managing multi-site social media campaigns. This information is concise and quality content that can help any business with their social media campaign. Twitter promotes your website but is also able to promote some of the other social networks as well.

With social media this is now possible as we can now engage and interact with the person we are purchasing from. You’re offering a truckload of social media marketing information that is very useful to the newbie marketer or seasoned marketing veteran. So those businesses who do market via social media have a distinct competitive advantage because they are also marketing certainty in a world where consumers buy for emotional wants and not needs.

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