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The fascinating and evolving landscape of social media presents businesses with a new world of challenges, opportunities and rewards. The workshop will help you realise the true potential of social media for your business by learning about the questions and steps that you must address before jumping in, the relevance of great content to sustain your audience, and the importance of measurement and monitoring tools. Latest news, views and reviews of the B2B marketing space and social media scene in Asia - selected and customized just for you by the GetIT team. Everything you do online is a form of a sales pitch, from how your website and social presence is perceived to the type of content being posted regularly.
We can't treat online efforts like we would other mediums; it's in real-time, constant and gives the power to the people.

For business Owners and Marketing Managers to learn how to successfully organize and manage social media teams for effective campaigns.
It is imperative to have formalised processes that can help achieve social media goals without the clutter of irrelevance. He has an extensive background in social media marketing and consulting which includes running a social media monitoring company, working at a global PR consultancy and providing expert opinion in the media. Many businesses however, miss the mark on utilizing digital strategies by instead slamming followers with harsh sells and marketing jargon.
Marketing in the social world is about branding and positioning yourself as a leader in your respected industry.

Your strategy should be about building trust as an industry resource through content and not broadcasted marketing spiel. It also helps that users can find your information not only through social networks but when searching on Google.

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