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Transforming your business through social engagement takes a fearless approach to marketing that goes beyond just getting you fans. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your days searching for articles and testing marketing campaigns to see what works. Join Steve Kessler of Denver DataMan and Zak Barron of Constant Contact to learn how to remind and inspire your customers, prospects, and fans by leveraging Email Marketing and Social Media.
Our mindful approach to marketing creates a collaborative exchange that leads to increased sales, and it can work for your company.

This means engaging with your brand as if your story is our own, and marketing your company’s message in a way that creates a deep understanding of your offer. We are happy to find out what story you have to tell and share it across social platforms in ways that it is heard. We will look at Email Marketing with Constant Contact in addition to marketing using Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as other tools.
After intensive listening in order to uncover what makes your brand unique, we execute a marketing plan that communicates this story and compels people to take action.

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