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The product listings highlighted in blue, are a good example of how to display your lovely products. Never add a link to your shop, your social sites or website, because this is considered spam and could get your convos paused for a few days.
It was a pleasure working with you and I am happy to see sales picking up in your Etsy shop.
Review your Etsy stats to see what products are getting traffic from Pinterest, Facebook and other websites.
Today’s Etsy shop critique is for Julie Payne, a very talented ceramics artist out of North Carolina.
In order to have a chance at ranking on the first page, you must work with products that are already ranking on Etsy, even if it is the 50th page. The Etsy algorithm looks at a products volume of sales and five star reviews as an important part of who gets on first page for a keyword. This seo optimized titles and tags will help this product be found in Etsy for those keywords.
If after a week or two, this product is still not ranking for your desired keyword, use promoted listings on Etsy to give it (and the other products in your shop) a much needed boost in rankings. Having a product rank well on Etsy, will help all of your other listings in your Etsy shop rank higher.
These are a few of the items we covered in our marketing training session for your Etsy shop.
A back link from a popular website, social profile or authority website has more value than a new website with little to no traffic. Having your products featured on a popular blog is another fantastic way to build social media back links, views, shares and sales. She reached out to my Etsy Marketing shop for help to boost views, likes, followers and sales. Although you have added your marketing keywords, you need to invite, excite and motivate your followers to take action.
Unless you have hundreds of products in your shop, and have been selling successfully on Etsy for many years, it would be very hard for your products to rank on the first page of Etsy for keywords with more than 5,000 competitors. This can help boost views and help a smaller shop rank on the first page of Etsy with the bigger shops…for free.

Ryan Cosson, a busy Math teacher and volunteer, finding the time to devote to his new passion for Etsy was a little bit of a challenge.
But, being the trooper that he is, he made the commitment to start his new shop before school began and is now running a very successful customized products and decal shop on Etsy. After searching for an Etsy marketing expert, he contacted me to see if I could help his shop grow. Listed below are the top action item that need to be addressed in order to boost views and sales on Etsy.
Also, check out the great Etsy Apps that can help you sell and promote your products fast on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
Search in the Etsy Search bar, slowly start to type in letter by letter of the keyword string you think you customers are using to find your type of products. When setting up your social media pages, make sure to use keywords that are popular in Google search as your username.
Building back links, social mentions and a large inventory of products will help your shop to rank well in Google. Take a few minutes to look at the above visualization of the many social media channels in the Conversation Prism above, grouped by type. You could spend all of your spare time trying to keep up on reading and interacting with all the  social networks relevant to your personal and career interests. OK, now that you know what you want to accomplish, you need to determine which social media channels will give you access to your target audiences that will allow you to accomplish your goals. OK, now that you've decided on a small number of social media channels that you plan to interact with, you need to set yourself a budget of time, such as 30 minutes per day, and a plan for how to most effectively use that time in support of your objectives. Day 2: Building on day one, we actually add the items we photographed and uploaded to flickr on day one to the etsy store.
Day 3: After adding the new etsy store items to our Facebook page, we spend a few minutes on flickr, favoriting handcrafted items from like-minded makers. You may be tempted on occasion to spend additional time poking around on your social media channel of choice. Remember to reference your Etsy Marketing Book, keyword report and downloads that came with your order from Etsy. Some shops can rank on the first page of Etsy for keywords with hundreds of thousands of competitors, others cannot.

Please feel free to ask seo and marketing questions below in the comments section and I would be happy to help. You can send professional email blasts, newsletters and sales to your Etsy clients with one click!
Then use that keyword as your username in Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other online social communities. If you're active on social, you probably see a few missing, which makes sense, as the illustration is over a year old. First, you may want to check out some general social media usage demographics, such as those from the Pew Internet project, which was recently on Mashable in an infographic form. Here's an example of a social media plan I created for a solopreneur crafter as an example. The more five star reviews your shop has, the easier it is for your shop to rank well on Etsy. They will naturally share your content with their social media followers, friends and family.
If you are trying to chase after more than 1 goal in any one social media channel, chances are you're not going to be able to use it effectively-- and you may burn yourself out in the process. I've started a Pinterest board for myself to keep track of interesting and useful social media infographics and data visualizations. For example, if you make and sell handcrafted items, you'd find other like-minded crafters on etsy.
This is why I try to always have an objective in mind when logging in to my social media accounts.
Notice below how I optimized my Etsy Marketing Pinterest page for the keywords: Etsy, Selling on Etsy and Marketing. Sure there are others I have logins for, but they're not places I visit daily as part of my personal and professional social media use. They key is to pick the most important thing you'd like to accomplish with your social media use, and articulate it.

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