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The social media marketing plan template is a calendar and schedule designed to help manage multiple social media accounts all in one place.
Before creating a social media calendar and schedule, you need to determine a solid strategy with goals and objectives. The most important factor is reaching your target customer and determining the proper social media platforms where these individuals are present. There are numerous social media channels available, which are always expanding and changing. Considering that Buffer is a social media pro with 225,000 followers on Twitter, they have a very extensive and elaborate posting schedule.
To manage social media as efficiently and effectively as possible, set a goal, understand the audience and channels, and establish a strategy.

The social media planning template will give you an extra hand in executing a successful and beneficial strategy while staying ahead of the game. If you were interested in sharing this template on your tumblr so that other nonprofits could use it, I would have to write up a bit on how to change it without breaking it but I would be happy to do that.
The planning calendar creates a visual representation of your social media posts in a single week and for an entire month. For insight on setting your brands social media goals, Social Media Marketing offers some very helpful information. Each social media platform has a unique user base and varying demographics which can influence where to focus your social media efforts. Social Media Optimization has some really great information about optimizing your social media efforts and finding the most opportune time to post.

With the correct columns and formatting, the document can be exported as a CSV file and easily uploaded to most social media management tools. Marketing Strategy Development: Understand Your Audience offers a breakdown of social media user demographics by platform.
Some brands may want to begin by focusing on the most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
Brands that have a dedicated social media team may find it most valuable to be present on all social media platforms.

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