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This is a seven-part eCourse providing a comprehensive introduction to Social Media Marketing, from the Basics to detailed instructions on how to build and run a Social Media programme.
Any Business Owner, Marketing, Advertising, PR or Communications professional who, while they may have a fair knowledge of what social media options are out there, don’t know how to use them effectively (and have a perfectly reasonable fear of doing the wrong thing in a very public arena). We know you want to get your teeth into Social Media fast, but you need to start by just listening.
Like most marketing, social media starts with a clear understanding of consumers: who they are (by whatever metrics available) and what they need and want.

Social Media in its early stages avoided those awkward issues about Return on Investment and whether it really delivered value for the time and money involved.
Now it’s time to put those into practice and start building your own social media programme.
In this lesson we cover the sort of content that is essential in social media, and how you can build it into relevant, informative, compelling content. Then on the first day of the course we’ll follow up with details of your Login and Password, along with an Enrolment Key for the Social Media Marketing eCourse.

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