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In the meantime, check out the cool Flowtown infographic called the Social Media Cheat Sheet. Social media has become as much a daily part of our personal lives as it has our business lives. Learn the key principles of direct response marketing that you need to follow on all social media platforms. Derek Halpern went from running a celebrity gossip site to becoming a famous name among marketers with Social Triggers.

If you're looking to avoid mistakes on social media, take some time to learn where others have gone wrong. Get the most bang for only a few bucks using these free (or inexpensive) platforms for content marketing. The key to cost-effective marketing that still makes a big impact is to focus on high-return activities.
Determine your MVPs.When you first begin to formulate your social-media plan, you may be thinking about what outlets to get started on.

The MVPs of social-media marketing means two things: your most valuable platforms and your minimum viable platforms.

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