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But so are Reebok, Miller Lite and The Avett Brothers (all of whom are quite popular with college-aged Americans and trail Harvard in Facebook followers). When you consider that most students applying for college today have grown up with a smartphone in their hands, at least throughout their high school years, it makes sense why colleges would be putting such an emphasis upon online social networks.
But it’s not all celebrity touting (which Harvard, understandably, can do plenty of). Perhaps the single-most influential factor (but still difficult to measure) may be the responsiveness of a school’s social media curators. If you’re courting a potential customer or simply experiencing a gap between projects with a client, keep them in the loop by engaging them on your social sites.
If you’re 25 or older and worked hard in high school, you likely remember the barrage of pamphlets, magazines and course descriptions that began arriving around your sophomore year from colleges around the country. In a business (and college) world that’s fueled by Tweets, comments and user reviews, marketing can no longer shine-up an inadequate product and sell it to the masses.

Fortunately, if you’re doing good work, the secret to success is to follow the example of the leading social media savvy universities to get the word out and build a following. I think the onus is on the schools to up the ante where their social media presence is considered.
Social Media is all about engagement that is what I’ve read everywhere and that is kind of true. Rather than simply sending in a static, paper application, their ongoing activities worth mentioning can be called to the attention of admissions staff through social media.
After all, print marketing materials allow a school to portray themselves however they choose, while active social media outlets, with frequent comments and student involvement, can provide a far more realistic picture of what a school is actually like.
I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It is so exciting to be studying social media at a time where there is so many job opportunities in the field.

That came a few days after Harvard posted the image of a soaring Christina Gao (currently a freshman) who is among the world’s most celebrated up-and-coming ice skaters. Similarly, after sending acceptance letters, a college may continue to court prospective students through social media tags and posts while the recruits make their decision about where to attend. I have recently been research the impact social media has on a business for my internship, and this post has lots of powerful takeaways. It’s one of the powers of social media that we can directly connect with our customers.
I think #3 is especially important, the is an interactive medium, what is the point of using social media if you are not staying in touch and creating conversation.

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