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For Small Business Owners who are dissatisfied with their social media marketing efforts, we have a comprehensive “done for you” solution that will take all the work of your hands and make being a social media success a turnkey process for you!
As you know, social media is not just a cute idea or hobby anymore, instead it is a legitimate marketing channel that can bring in business and increase exposure for your products or services. With social media marketing it can feel like you are behind the curve and will not be able to get caught up with everyone else out there.
Social doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive, but is certainly is not free like common lore tries to tell us. One of the most important aspects of getting ROI on your social media is to have clear-cut goals and metrics that you are going to use to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Tara is a nationally recognized marketing speaker who has owned and operated a marketing company since before there even was social media. Roughly nine out of ten US businesses with at least 100 employees are using social media for marketing objectives in 2012, according to eMarketer, and many plan to increase their social media spend for the coming year. Despite this, many of these firms still have trouble making the case for social media investment, because they’re not able to track ROI success. The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. In the absence of hard figures such as revenues and expenses, social media marketers use softer, less direct metrics such as increased exposure and improved traffic. Blog that specializes in strategic and tactical marketing know-how for marketing and business professionals through online media. Great collection of in-depth articles and videos on social media best practices, case studies, and advice from leading experts in the field. Practical, how-to advice and case studies about how to use social media and word of mouth marketing from GasPedal. Join us for a discussion on how to improve your fundraising efforts through integrated marketing.
Just returned from a great trip to Chicago where I was honored to receive the American Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association Foundation Nonprofit Marketer of the Year for 2009! Since joining the organization in 2006, Eric has launched its first Online and Interactive department, promoted integrated marketing programs, and introduced new technologies to increase donor engagement and empower supporters to also become advocates and fundraisers. In addition to the corporate marketing strategy, Anne directs the development and execution of the marketing plans at each YMCA membership branch, enabling customization with consistent brand identity using guerrilla marketing, advertising, and promotional tactics at the local level. During her tenure at the Y, Anne restructured the corporate marketing department to function as an in-house agency serving 19 membership branches, six Human Services programs, and four resident camps.
American Marketing Association offers highly acclaimed Training Series, professional conferences and Hot Topic events focused on the immediate needs of marketers, as well as trends shaping the future.
The American Marketing Association Foundation maximizes marketing for the betterment of society.

The AMAF works in partnerships and other strategic collaborations with the AMA, AMA chapters, marketing practitioners and academics, and scores of voluntary and community organizations. Operation Smile medical volunteers repair childhood facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. While Common Knowledge and Operation Smile have joined together to produce a Case Study surrounding the use of fundraising via Twitter and Social Media to be released later this summer, the power of Twitter could aready be seen the way this entire campaign and launch event have evolved. The era of social relationships: Beginning in the mid-1990s, people signed up for online profiles and connected with their friends to share information. The era of social colonization:By late 2009, technologies such as OpenID and Facebook Connect will begin to break down the barriers of social networks and allow individuals to integrate their social connections as part of their online experience, blurring the lines between networks and traditional sites.
The era of social context:In 2010, sites will begin to recognize personal identities and social relationships to deliver customized online experiences.
The era of social commerce: In approximately two years, social networks will be more powerful than corporate Web sites and CRM systems, as individual identities and relationships are built on this platform. Evolve your Enterprise Systems: Your enterprise systems will need to connect to the social web. Now you can go back to working and making money without having to worry about Tweeting, Hashtagging or any other of the strange things you have to do make social successful. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for us, many small business owners are just plain ignorant of the fact that they have to have a social presence to market their business today. There is a formula for increasing your revenue using social, as long as you know your goals and objectives before starting a social media marketing campaign.
As a business owner, you know that marketing costs money and there is no marketing channel on the planet that doesn’t require a dedicated budget and measurable results to determine success or failure. Social media is a marketing channel, not a sales channel and as such is serves the same purpose as print, direct mail and the like. Her expertise is in crafting a marketing plan that will generate measurable results for your business. In part this is attributable to social media’s evolution from being a small project outside of the budget process to being an integral part of the marketing plan. By being present and engaged on social media networks, companies cost-effectively increase brand awareness especially through the use of 360° branding. By supplying the information that prospects actively seek at every step of the purchase process, social media helps close sales. Social media helps generate leads through shared content that attracts prospects such as blogs, Tumblrs, Pinboards and Slideshare. Social media networks provide the space for brand advocates to engage with each other over their desire to show their brand support. By monitoring what’s happening in the social media ecosystem, you can distinguish your competitors and better understand their behavior.

It’s important to get your content out to multiple social media locations such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since social media has become an integral part of the marketing plan and budget, these financial indicators need to be measured.
Eric Overman, Operation Smile, received the Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Award, and Anne Bergquist, YMCA of Metro Chicago, and David Neff, American Cancer Society High Plains, received the Special Marketing Initiatives and Social Media subcategory awards, respectively.
It is a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching and study of marketing worldwide.
Social networks and their partners are quickly becoming a source of customer information and lead generation beyond your CRM system. Your goal with social media should be to drive some kind of engagement with your company, putting people into your pipeline and consistently driving them through your sales funnel to a closed sale. This information can be found on blogs, videos, Tumblrs, Pinterest and other forms of social media. While it can be challenging to close deals on social media, it’s critical to have a call-to-action, trackable promotion code and a streamlined landing page. As marketers expand their use of social media and get a larger piece of the marketing budget, these factors may no longer be sufficient. Especially considering the outstanding field of nominees this year and the talented folks that won special awards for Social Media and Special Projects, David J. Eric is currently launching branded online communities and leading the charge to integrate social media into the marketing mix, as well as deploying an internal social business software platform to enhance global communications.
In 2009, the Austin American Statesman recognized David as one of the top 25 Social Media People in the state of Texas.
Winners were selected by a six person committee consisting of members of the 2009 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference Committee and Advisory Council, AMA Foundation Board members, and a representative from The Nonprofit Times–all of whom are leaders and experts in the field of nonprofit marketing. It is also the source that marketers turn to every day to deepen their marketing expertise, elevate their careers, and, ultimately, achieve better results.
American Marketing Association members are connected to a network of experienced marketers nearly 40,000 strong. Through local and collegiate chapters, American Marketing Association members are connected with the best people and the best practices. Operation Smile has partnered with TWTRCON, the first Twitter for business conference, and Common Knowledge, an interactive agency for nonprofits, to launch this exciting campaign via social media channels, mainly twitter.

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