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SOCi is the next generation social media marketing and management platform, which gives businesses the ability to discover social content succeeding with their target audiences in real-time. SOCi's SaaS platform increases efficacy of social media managers by empowering them with an all-in-one solution, including the necessary tools and features to effectively manage social media accounts. In a society driven by technology, social media is one of the most popular ways to communicate with others. Social media marketing, at its core, generates web traffic and growth of your patient base through various social media tools. Since social media has become such a valuable business tool, marketing experts have had to adjust their approach to internet marketing.
Chances are, you already have a personal profile on a social media platform that you manage yourself. We currently live in an era of online communication, and actively participating on social networks is a must. By developing a thorough understanding of your brand, target customers, sales process, industry and competitors we can develop your social media strategy. Since your business is constantly changing, your content and social media strategy should be flexible and designed to evolve. Making sure your social profiles are optimized for search and built to gain maximum engagement while having a professional look is essential to your online presence. Social media is an on-going process as it relies heavily on real-time and current news and trends. For more information about social media marketing services, please contact me today to schedule a free consultation. Read helpful social media blog posts – educate yourself on Social Media Marketing Tips, Best Practices, Stats and Trends!

Topics Include: Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Inspiration & Motivation, Life Lessons and more!
Announced as a San Diego COOL Company for 2015 Amidst Period of Rapid Growth and Expansion. The award reflects SOCi's innovative approach to content discovery and curation within social media, as well as the company's rapid growth over the past year.
The SOCi platform has successfully replaced established social media platforms such as Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Buffer amongst enterprise and digital marketing service providers and agencies. Built on a foundation of content, SOCi enables enterprises, agencies, and multi-location businesses to efficiently manage hundreds, or even thousands, of social media pages while generating measurable results for their clients. We build interactive social media pages that can be composed of contest, daily specials, interactive apps, campaign management & much more! From smart phone apps to website specifics, social media marketing can be achieved through a variety of methods depending on the needs of your specific practice. Tackling the advertising side of social media platforms can be complex and time consuming, but our San Diego social media marketing experts know how to navigate the process with ease.
The process begins by analyzing your current online presence then identifying goals and metrics for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity. By having a solid social media strategy in place we can stay on-top of current news, keywords and trends to increase engagement and reach of your messages. A social media presence allows your current patients to see what is new with your location and gives prospective patients an opportunity to see what they could expect from visiting you.
Your marketing approach can involve free offers for followers or friends, giveaways or contests that reward your followers for sharing your practice’s page, showing patients what your day to day operations look like, and more. Managing social media pages for a health care practice is similar in a lot of ways, but there are some key differences.

It’s about building relationships and developing a strategy for the social media channels within your overall marketing mix which aligns with your brand and marketing goals. Our experts will hone in on promoting certain content, utilizing marketing campaigns, and then use a combination of search engine optimization and sharing in order to establish your practice as an expert in your industry.
I can help business owners figure out how social media applies to their business and then create the content to build and sustain relationships while increasing online visibility and reach. By researching trends related to your products and services as well as industry keywords we can further develop best practices for your social media efforts. With persistent social media posting, engaging and listening we can build an online community for your brand. Dynamo Web Solutions, a San Diego social media marketing company, allows you to take advantage of the networking and advertising that is made possible by social media.
There’s no limit the interaction you can have with social media – from watching your positive reviews spread around the internet to helping a patient one on one, there is no limit to what you can do. As a result, you will see an increase in visibility for your social media profiles and your website. Trusting a social media expert team with your San Diego social media marketing means that your updates and shares will be consistent and relevant, and your interactions will be swift and professional.
It’s truly one of the best business tools out there, especially since there are so many social media users that are online on a daily basis.
At our San Diego social media marketing company, we take charge of pinpointing the ways that your company can utilize social media the best.

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