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For the most part, most clients who are not big brands have two beliefs towards social media marketing that can hurt them in their online presence.
If your company is a startup or small business, every penny allocated to marketing is crucial.
Some small businesses realize that being involved in social media activities is important but they fail to realize the importance of the content that they share with their audience.
Of course, in the timeframe of a four-hour social media workshop we can only cover so much with a client, but these are the basics to get you thinking about what you are doing to improve your online presence.

Because, most small business do not have a lot of time or money to spend on digital marketing, they do not think that social media marketing will have enough weight on bettering their business. We started the workshop with an introduction of the importance of social media, which in case I haven’t drilled into you by now, can have numerous positive and negative effects.
Pay attention to what is happening with social media because whether you care about it or not – people are consuming information and interacting via these platforms. However, after explaining all the positive outcomes that come from a successful social media marketing campaign our client was still skeptical about investing in it.

If done right, social media can help acquire leads and or receive feedback from existing customers.

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