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Rignite allows us to easily develop, implement and analyze results for our client campaigns. In this free downloadable social media proposal template you’ll find all the content you need to win over new clients.
CRM and workflow tools to assign tasks to relevant client staff - depending on the nature of the content and sentiment –classify and respond promptly to specific conversations. Konnect Social is a Social Media Management tool that crawls millions of blogs, forums, mainstream news and social media sites to ensure that you do not miss a single conversation about your Brand, Competition or your Industry. Back in the old days of social media management 2012 we released an article – 10 things agencies must have in a social media management tool.
Agencies rely more and more on social to prop up their campaigns and so more than ever agencies need to have a social media management tool in place that allows them to manage all their clients ever changing needs from one dashboard.
Excellent Support – As agencies are always working to tight deadlines quick support is essential. Work flow approval – Once a post has been made on social media it’s out there and can be sent across the universe in seconds.

Highly customizable analytics and reporting – A key to agencies proving their worth to their clients is with their analytics.
Social moderation – Close attention should be given to fans’ comments that may damage brand reputation or conflict with the company’s overall message. Now that Social media has reached puberty we at Sendible think it’s time to update these rules as much has changed in the world of social media since. Since then social media has certainly grown up and proved it can make commercial success, some with more success than others. Social media is becoming the best friend of all other media with TV, Radio & print all wanting to hang around with the coolest kid in the class, just like what happens in real life when kids become teenagers. Some are the same as always, some have just evolved & there are some brand new ‘must have’ features to stay on the cutting edge of social media management. The tool should be able to support multiple formats such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn Company pages and even Pinterest & YouTube as well as a long list of other social networks. Word of mouth has always been and will always be the most effect form of advertising, and people love to tell others about their experiences, both good and bad.

Also, with social media being one of the fastest moving industries you will need an account manager to explain all the new changes on social media and new features on the software.
These two events have had a huge impact on social media and in turn how brands use social media. This of course has had huge consequences for agencies that use social media to market these brands.
Now that the major social networks have shareholders they had to think of ways to generate revenue with their respective ad networks which are ever growing & evolving.

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