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Tweetdeck and HootsuiteWith free and premium accounts, these tools are similar in functionality and design with both providing dashboards to manage and measure your social networks. AwarenessThis social marketing hub allows users to publish securly with enterprise-grade permissioning, workflow and audit controls. Few other resources: Full List of Social Media Monitoring Tools, Infegy, SproutSocial, and SAS. With social media being more integrated with everyday lives and activities, its unwise for companies to ignore all the opportunity that comes with effective social media marketing strategies. Online communities didn’t wait for Facebook to gather and sociabilize within online forums. Even if audience metrics show supremacy from large platform like MySpace, Facebook or even Cyworld in South Korea, global services which embrace multiple meta-functions (publishing, sharing, social networking…) are exposing their members to information overflow. Do not panic, we are only beginning to observe the rise of social media (and there conquest by marketers).

A couple of months ago i posted a list with some really nice and useful social icons which you can find here: A list of very nice and free social buttons. As part of Salesforce, this tool is fully integrated with the cloud-based CRM tool to organize all data for better marketing clarity on social media efforts. What you have to understand is that it is highly illusionary to think you can control your brand by restricting blog usage from your employee or by avoiding social networks. That is why it is important to name a social media champion within your organization (just choose the right job title: Community planner, Social media manager, Community architect, Social analytics expert…). Let me remind you once again that you do not engage too much responsibility by experimenting new social campaigns (except for bugs attack). Most people think of facebook and twitter when you mention social media, but to me it makes sense to apply it to anything where you can be social, i.e. We had a lot of nice comments and emails about this list so i have decided to create another great list of social icons and i must say i have found some really nice and useful social icons, and all are for free!

This evaluation has to rely on dedicate metrics which are tailored to the constraints and specificity of social media. Writing, Blogging, Social Media and generally building communities around these areas as well as technology has become another passion of mine. So call yourself a social media expert and plan for an early retirement, because social media won’t last long.

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