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It’s the age of social media, and that goes for any part of our personal and professional lives.
Be Careful of Images You Post (or Those Your Friends Post).Images on social media can be wildly inappropriate at times. A healthcare-focused job board that offers current job opportunities, industry news and job search tips for medical professionals.
Average Social Media Customer Service Representative salaries for job postings in Charlotte, NC are 8% higher than average Social Media Customer Service Representative salaries for job postings nationwide.

Whether you’re in a passive or active job search stage of your life, smart use of social media can work to your advantage. Therefore, it is essential for a job seeker in today’s technological world to understand how to use social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn strategically. However, not paying close attention to your decisions can result in a social media presence that can seriously work against you.
Make it a rule that when you make a change to your resume on file you also go to your social media accounts and make the same changes.

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