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Job seekers with robust LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles have better access to job opportunities at growing companies than candidates whose job searches don't include active social networking profiles, according to the results of a new survey.
Jobvite, a maker of recruiting software, released the results of its third-annual social recruiting survey this morning, and the findings underscore the many reasons job seekers need to incorporate online social networking into their job searches.
Jobvite asked 825 HR and recruiting professionals about the extent to which they use social networking websites in their recruiting process to find and vet candidates for jobs. If you're looking for a job and not active on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (the three social networking websites most popular with employers, according to the survey), here are four reasons to join these sites and actively manage your profiles.
Companies that are hiring the most people in the shortest periods of time "are the ones who are more aggressively pursuing social recruiting," says Dan Finnigan, Jobvite's CEO. The Jobvite survey results show that employers prefer using social networking sites for recruiting because they make advertising jobs and sourcing candidates cheap and easy.
Some employers are shifting their recruiting activity away from traditional channels, such as job boards and third-party recruiters and search firms, as they deepen their engagement with social recruiting.
A growing number of hiring managers are looking at how social media sites can help them find qualified employees.
The CareerBuilder app on Facebook sends you notifications of positions that match the job criteria you designate. IngBoo is an app that lets you search for specific job criteria across a larger number of job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Simply Hired. Inside Job is yet another career app that can help you network by providing a place for you to upload your resume, research companies and search for available positions.

Regularly follow companies that interest you so you remain current on their job openings and familiar with the organization’s information. African Americans are getting the short end in employment opportunities due to their lack of access to networking groups dominated by whites, according to a New York Times article published this week. The article notes that white Americans tend to get the edge in seeking certain jobs by accessing social networks that black Americans are not part of. Bellace notes that similar forces have contributed to social networks that unwittingly worsen opportunities for black workers.
Gone are the days when you had to visit the job placement companies or post your resume on the job portal sites. When you are searching jobs with the help of social platforms like Jobgear, you will have many options. By connecting to the social media platforms, you will also be able to know about jobs to avoid because the professionals can give you the best suggestions, which can contribute a lot in your career building. Their answers indicate that they view social networks as a viable channel for sourcing high-quality candidates and that they plan to increase their use of social networking websites in their recruiting efforts this year.
Jobvite found that 36 percent of survey respondents say they plan to spend less money on job boards as the economy recovers. The app allows users to view profiles, view network updates, exchange messages, make new connections and search for jobs on Monster. With the help of social media, you can connect with several professionals within a few minutes.

For that reason, online social networks are among the first places employers advertise jobs. One-third of respondents always check out candidates' social media profiles when vetting them.
These inside connections can be used to increase access to new jobs, sales leads, and recruiting talent. 58 percent of respondents have successfully hired candidates through social networking websites. BranchOut also offers a product called JobsTab that facilitates the transfer of job postings from a company’s website to its company Facebook Page. It has been noticed that people used to visit the job placement companies and offices personally if they want to find the suitable job options.
You will be able to grab the right career opportunities by comparing them with one another for job locations, salary and the profile. However, the social media geared up like never before and you can connect to the people within a few clicks.

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